Wednesday, June 27

Celebrating Regina.

This upcoming Sunday, June 1st we are having a party for Regina. My good friends are helping me out, planning everything and doing everything they can, so Regina can have fun Sunday afternoon, just hanging out with old friends, and making new friends. Celebration Party is open to everyone who wants to join and celebrate life.
Party takes place next to Reginas school ( Laguna Niguel Elementary). There is one park , and if you come, you know exactly where to go, because Balloons will give it away.
School address is- 27922 Niguel Heights Boulevard
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
If you get lost, give me a call (949)290 6958 and I try to guide you to right direction. I promise , I do my best.... ;)

Also... People have asked us, what they can do to help us, should they bring presents, should they bring nothing, how can they impress Regina. My honest suggestion to you is. YOU do not have to bring presents, right now presents do not matter. . We will set up donations box, because we feel like it is more important than million teddy bears just hanging around. Money will go towards finding Regina some kind of cure... Or if doctors find , there is really nothing much they can do to make her life longer, then money will go towards her funeral fund. I swear, I am NOT going to Nordstrom to shop....

Also, Sundays party, that starts 4 pm is- Eat Healthy , live happy kind of party. It is possible to have a good party without Pizza and Coke . So if you feel like bringing anything to snack, or eat, Please Remember- Low calorie, low fat, non processed foods, no or very low preservitives, no SMG. Bring grilled broiled or boiled, or baked...or fresh Organic fruits and Vegetables. Non carbonated drinks .. No artificial sweeteners used.... etc. OF course, we do not turn any kind of food away, but we just want to make party as healthy as possible because we do not want to feed Reginas living cancer cells ... they deserve to die....

See you all on Sunday 4 PM, and if you have questions email me at



++Photographers Needed ;););)


lennuk said...

What a wonderful idea!
Unfortunately I am not able to be there for the party. I'm wondering if I'm able to help with anything beforehand? Would love to help and support!
Please, let me know!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Hi Leila :) Thanks you for great Book. WE ALSO LOVE PIPPI LONGSTOCKING IN OUR HOUSE!!!!! About help- my friends are planning everything for us THANK YOU FOR GOOD FRIENDS!!! We will be needing you when we Go to CHLA next week . I know our chances are slim, but we have to do some kind of treatment, and CHLA offers us something . And if we do not do anything we will regret it later.... So Be ready when I need you in Hollywood... We will hang out in Ronald McDonald house and just keep it as simple and clean as possible. :)