Friday, October 1

Regina is doing better.

She is still on antibiotics and thanks to benadril and couple other meds she havent had any reactions to it anymore.
Last night they started TPN( nutrition fluids ). And seems like her apetite is startin to catch up. Today she had alphabet soup and 1/3 of cinnamon roll for breakfast and for luch she had plain spagetti. that is better than nothing.

She havent had fever for 24 hours and if there is no more fevers another 24 hours we'll be discharged maybe on saturday night or sunday morning.

Thank you guys. Seems like prayers are working. She feels better and acts more like real Regina .

AND her ANC is picking up. Today it was 100. SHe was 0 for 4 days.

So far she had 2 platelet transfusions
2 blood transfusions and lots and lots of meds to keep her going. I mentioned that she had line infection- well, she actually had 2 line infections. She had 2 forreing bodies in her line. :( But they are clearing up. and trust me, she is doing great. I saw one girl who had line infecion also and she was not doing good at all. She had fevers for a week and really limp and tired. I asked from doc how common are line infections and he sayed that every other family on this floor had line infection. so seems like they are common.

CAROL---- Thank you for packages. She loves her little treats. She has been coloring for 2 days( she told me that she would like to do more avitivies like connect the dots, or finding differences etc- little hint for you ;)

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo very glad Regina is feeling better and is starting to eat a little. Please tell her I'm going out tomorrow to look for some dot-to-dot and other activity books for her and I'll send them soon. Thanks for the hints!
Love to you both.
Carol :)