Tuesday, October 5

Second floor.

So last night we got moved to second floor. But only just because there was 2 really sick kids coming to fourth floor and the 4th floor was full. Regina was the "heatlhiest kid" on fourt floor so we got moved to second. BUT- we are still on that isolation room with doubble doors and can not leave the room before her counts raise to 400. I dont mind. Today she was little whiny and moody. She refused to eat breakfast and all she wants me to do is to play gameboy advance with her- I MEAN, i HAVE to play it. Yeasterday I ordered her dora the explorer game and princess and the Pauper videotape( in hospital there are no dvd players). So hopefully next week i get to play something new. ;)

Next to us moved a boy named Stanton with her parents. He is a brave little 3 year old with Neuroblastoma. It is his second time back. I hope his mom and dad don't mind if I share his caringbridge website. She does amazing job writing about Stanton.

CAROL!!!! You are amazing. Thank you so much for all the packages. You put so much thought into each pack and regina has something new to do each day. You brought tears to my eyes when I opened my pack. Thank you so much. I'm keeping all the cards you and other Reginas friends are sending her and I kind of scrapbook them in her" card" album. :) Thank you. :)

I just heard that our story got published in Estonian local newspaper. i would share it here but the paper is not online yet( it is monthly paper) and it is in Estonian, so all of you who speak English would have no idea what they are saying. But if paper finally appears online I will post a link.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Regina is doing well enough that she is the "healthiest kid" on the 4th floor and she can be moved---and hopefully, soon she'll be moved OUT of the hospital! I bought some new "stuff" and sent her something today. I'm sorry I'm not there to play GameBoy for her. I'm really bad at it, but I enjoy it just the same. I hope Regina keeps progressing well, and that you get to sleep in a real bed soon.
Angel Carol :)

Kathy said...

You have a laptop computer, so you can watch DVD's on your computer if you want.

We used to hook up our computer to the back of the TV and watch it that way, other times we just watched it on the computer.

I hope her counts come up soon, so you can get out of that cramped little room and out into the world again.