Thursday, October 28

embarrasing moments from today...

While nurse was taking her vitals in A/T I told regina that she has to eat something because she is too skinny . She told me that since I have 2 tummys( Yes, you heard it right) , she can borrow one from me). Real nice REgina, Real nice.

Then she tome me that I was fat and she wanted to be fat with me. Ok.

Then third moment- after I told her that she has to wash her hands every time after she uses bathroom or every time she touches floor or something tirty. I wish she listened. But instead she looked at me really mean. And screamed at top of her lungs- YOU ARE A BAD MOMMY. She sounded so damn serious I just started laughing . You should have seen her face. She ment business. But luckily she shanged her mind. She decided that her hands feel much better when they are clean.
Oh Regina and your mind.


Kathy said...

Yet another day without fever. This is good. Steven prays every night that Regina's chemo goes easy for her and that she doesn't get any more fevers.

So, here's to one more day without fever and that her ANC starts coming up SOON and that she continues to like the feeling of clean hands.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Reginas ANC was 100 on thursday.
We had some platelet drama. She had bad allergic reaction while receiving her platelets. So from now on she has to get premeds before receiving her platelets.
And she is on antibiotics for skin infection.