Wednesday, October 27


Yesterday there was halloween party here in target House. Lasagna , green beans, mashed potatoes, meatballs , fruitsalat was served. After dinner was trick or treating.

Today Elepalooza carnival. After waiting Pavilion to open its doors for 10 min, we finally got in. We stood in line to wait our turn to get some great goodies. Regina had fun. She was throwing hoops, shooting tarts and got lots of little and big prizes. It felt like christmas. And there was live music playing. After 20 minuts we decided that this kind of crowded enviroment is not the best choice for Regina- her ANC is 0 and it has been zero for 3 days. It is 8 days past her transplant and we are waiting fever to show up. WAITING!!!!

Then after we got back to hospital we saw Keitlyn- nurse pract. She told us that Regina has to get some blood today- second time this week. She got her blood and now we are back in target house just chillin and watching Strawberry shortcake video.

And there is little extra added to target house schedule. On sunday, the 31st, kids can run from door to door to ask candy and if you dont want to participate we can get DO NOT disturb hanger. i have a feeling that we wont be here for sunday. Regina is acting kind of weird and I'm sure that long waited fever will show up soon. ")

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