Monday, October 4

Oh no :(

We have to stay to hospital until day 16-17,( right now she is on day 12 after BMT). BUT OH yes, her ANC was 100. It is better than nothing.

Only thing I dont like about hospitals is we are stuck on the fourt floor. Her only physical activity is to walk from bathroom to bedroom and from bedroom to bathroom. We can not leave the rooom. her energy and apetite are slowly returing and she wants to do stuff. But what stuff can you do if you are carring big pole with different kinds of meds and hoses are attached to you.

My back is not doing good. I'm trying to find better sleeping positions but with no success. I need real bed, and real food and my husband so I can finally fall asleep safe and worry free. :)

I miss you Gabriel and Nick. I miss getting hugs and kisses from you too. I miss hearing Gabriel sweet voice that tells me I love you Mom. I really, really mis you guys.

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Kathy said...

If Regina gets a fever next time, ask if you can stay on the second floor. Then at least she can go to the computers and the jukebox, you can sit in the lobby area and see the sun.

Sooner than you realize it you'll have a real bed, real food, and a real man :-)