Saturday, October 16

Second day...

and she is done with chemo drugs for today. She did not get sick at all. She looks very tired and pale. Her calcium levels where dangerously slow - they gave her extra calcium . She havent had food for almost 2 days now and because of yesterday was extremely hard day( she threw up most of the day) she lost almost 1 lb . :( Hopefully it'll get better tomorrow. I want her apetite to return and I want her to gain some weight.

Carol.- thank you for all the treats. Regina had fun stamping last night . Every time I read her what you wrote her, she starts a conversation about it. You should hear her. She is to cute. Thank you so much. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Regina is feeling kind of crappy and not eating, but I'm sure it will get better soon. I'm glad she has some fun with the stuff I send and enjoys my cards. She's a cutie and should have lots of good times.
Love and kisses and hugs,
Carol :)