Friday, October 29

Happy Halloween St Jude

Today was amazing. I never seen so much happiness and laughter and fun in the same place. The whole St Jude was decorated. They had beach theme, and race car, and barn, and Lilo and stich ... It was colorful today. And the candy- Regina got 8 lbs of candy today. ALl the doctors and nurses were dressed up. It was lot of fun. Regina was really happy today.

Then Jennifer from AlSAC asked me to tell our stroy to group from Ca and to people from Dream home. She took us to seventh floor during the lunch time. We met some people we havent met before. People who work for St jude in Ca, LA. It was nice to tell our story to others. There were about 17 people in the room having lunch together. When I got to the part what I felt when I found out about Reginas tumor and how I had no idea what was going to happen to her or to us, I just broke down and started crying. Even some of the people in the room teared up. :) While I was crying and telling my story Regina suddenly started pulling my sleeve. Did I mention I was dressed up? I guess not. I was midnight Priestess but everybody thought I looked like Elvira. I looked at regina and she was giggling. I guess she thought it was funny the way I cryed and told the story.

It is amazing what these people are doing. It was their second time to build a dream home . this time it costed them 500 000 but they raised about million dollars. Now they are planning to build the third home. Hopefully as good as 2 first ones. Good luck to you guys getting money together .

After noon we went to the zoo. Regina was in really good spirits. She was all over the zoo. She loved seeing Panda bears and rhinos and giraffes. She is such a sweetheart. On our way back from zoo- only about half a mile from target house. She fell asleep in the car. Then she woke up and requested Mc Donalds for dinner- and of course she got what she wanted.

Tomorrow we have easy day. Just Medicine room. Then after Med room we will have dinner somewhere outside and then Saturday is all gone.

SUnday we have also med room. And then reginas Best friend from St Jude Kailen and her mom Felicia are coming over for dinner. :)

What about you. WHat are you up to ?

ps. regina was dressed up as Princess.

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Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to read this! So glad that Regina is having such a nice Halloween time. I was also thrilled that she went to the zoo because I love zoos and I know Memphis has a great zoo. Hope she keeps eating and feeling good--and that she has a terrific time with her friend Kailen.
Always thinking of the two of you--
Love, Carol :)