Friday, October 22

Long day in the hospital.

Today we went to hospital 10AM and got back to Target house 6PM. She was supposed to receive some blood today but pharmacy ran behind so we waited extra 3 hours. Finally 3o'clock they had blood and she had 3 hours quiet time watching tv and making fun of me because I got so frustrated with my super Mario game. lol.

her counts are lowANC is around 1000. Platelet count is high enough not to get platelet transfusion. But her moodiness is driving me grazy. nothing seems to make her happy. Whatever I do seems wrong. Whatever I say makes her cry, Whatever I by for her( Because she wants it), it is not good . I dont know if it ever returns back to normal- our life I mean. I met some great people here and they are great support and it helps some degree to talk to others but I'm the one in the end who has to find the right solution what to do or how to behave. When she has her good days she is the sweedest girl ever. She kisses and hugs me. She sings me songs. She tells me I'm the best mommy in the whole world. And I tresure moments like that. But I wish there were days like that more. Not once a week - I want her to behave that sweet way every day. :)

My sister went to Grizzly game yesterday. She went with Fed-Ex corporate people. They had lot of fun. :) Our brother back in Estonia was really jelous, because basketball is his life. He was watching the whole game from TV. they actually showed that game in Estonian Television.

I want to go out to dancing and drinking. I really do. I'm so tired not able to do anything adultish. I can say - I'm about to began a virgin again. Ups, did I really say that? I MISS YOU HONEY!! :)

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Kathy said...

Regina is probably grumpy because she feels like hell much of the time. I remember when I was pregnant with Steven, I had terrible morning sickness for three months, it would come and go but it happened every day and I acted like the psychobi**h from hell.

Chemo can be like that. They feel really terrible for a bit, then they're great for a few days, then suddenly they're throwing up.

Not to mention that she's 2000 miles away from her daddy, brother, and friends, and as soon as she starts feeling great again they're going to pump her full of drugs that will make her really sick all over again.

She's a strong little girl and this experience will make her stronger than she is already. After she finishes her last cycle it will amaze you how quickly she bounces back.

We went through it with Steven, we were worried his behavior changes were due to his tumor location (right frontal lobe), we talked it over with the behavioral medicine doctors and we finally figured out it was due to the chemo and all the other drugs we were shoveling into him to counteract the negative effects of the chemo.

I wrote about some of our bad times here:

You two are more than halfway through the bad stuff, you just need to stay strong for a little longer, then you'll be done with the chemo and Regina will recover faster than you ever believed possible.