Monday, October 25


And here it is- our Halloween week. Today was one of the most successful days for us(Regina and I ). Successful meaning , Regina was really happy all day long, she bisycled around in the hospital with red little trisycle. She seemed really happy. Then she got platelets because her platelet count was little low. And of course her GCSF- she gets it every day and she also got her chemo drug vincristine. Busy but happy day.

Tomorrow we have Halloween party here in Target house. On Wednesday there is Elepalooza Carnival in Hospital. It is sponsored by Target. Target is providing each child a goody bag with Tee shirt an hat. And of course there will be lots of cames prizes and activities do do all day long.
On Friday there is halloween party in the hospital- everybody will dress up for that occasiaon- blood bank people dress up as Vampires, child life and E clinic( I belive) dress up as cryons etc. It'll be fun , but busy day.
Regina finally decidid to go as Princess- whatever. She changed her mind like gazzzziiiiillllliiioooon times. I almost got her Mulan outfit and then she sayed . NO. She does not want to be mulan. I think I mentioned that I will dress up as midnight Priestess. Dress looks really cute. Long black one with wide sleeves and attached hat. My sister will make her self look like sexycat- yeah, real apropriate. lol

My husband is still running and training . yesterday he ran 10,5 miles. He is grazy. But he is doing it for the good cause so let him be grazy. And I love him so it really does not matter if he is grazy or not. :lol

Carol- again- you made Reginas day. She received 3 packs today. And she was so inpatient she had to open 3 of them almost same time and poured them all over the floor. Thank you. She still does not understand who you really are and why you are sending her all these great goodies. I am trying to do my best explaning it to her but so far she still thinks you are angel from halloween store ( her and her imagination) . One day she will get it :) I promise.


Anonymous said...

So very glad to hear that Regina had a good day yesterday--and, hopefully, it will be a fun week. Hey, if she thinks I'm an angel from the Halloween store, great!! I'm just here to try to make her smile a little. Hope you all have a nice Halloween--your costumes all sound great.
Love, Carol :)

Kathy said...

Steven always loved the Elepalooza parties. And Halloween at St. Jude was really fun for us last year.

So, enjoy, and we're sending our wishes for Regina to remain fever-free this cycle.