Sunday, October 3

Just as I thought..

. We are not getting out from hospital yet. Reginas counts bounced back and her ANC is zero . Yesterday it was 100 but today it is big bat zero. Her hemoglobin is low which means she will get blood today. She seems to be doing better and better each day. she finally started eating yesterday and this morning she weighed 14,6 kilos. Up a little.

Dr Gajjar- from E clinic payed a visit today. IT was nice surprize to seeing his smiling face . Thanks dr Gajjar for taking extra time to climb to 4 th floor :D

I finally know what kind of infections Regina has in her line. One is E-coli and other is to hard to write down but both of them are easy to take care of if discovered in early stage- YES!!!!!

Fall is here and of course with fall come nice fall allergies. Yaiks. I hate sneezine million times a day. My nose looks like red potato and my eyeballs look like 2 red pool balls. hehe. I need to go to pharmacy to get some claritin to help with it.

I got a package from Nick today. I asked him to send all the Reginas letters and packages to memphis. Thank you everybody for cards. Regina got lots of cards from Angels all around USA. THANK YOU!!! She havent received them yet, but when I go to hospital I know she'll be asking millions of questions about who sent them, to they have kids, what is their favorite food. hee. I guesss I have to make up someting - I"M NOT going to lye, I just make up a little fairytale for her good. ;)

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