Saturday, October 2

And it is Saturday.

Here am I enjoying my alone time. Hospitals are not the best places to spend the night- not even one night. I pretty much wake up evey hour- or every time nurses come in to check her vitals or chenge her meds or do whatever they have to do to wake me up . And the reclinging chair that I'm sleeping on is really not 100% reclying because somebody broke it and it only reclines a little so I really sleep sitting up. I'm sleep deprived. I need my beauty rest. But I think I have to wait until end of january to get my long waited rest. lol

Regina is doing great. We are still inpatients because they havent found out what is the other infection in her line. And they are running test to make sure the antibiotics are doing their job. She is still on TPN( total prenatal nutrition). Last night they wanted to start lipids but since lipids(fats) conain eggs she can not have them. My little girl is allergic to eggs. And because of her eggyolk allergy she can not have cerain kind of meds eather. :( She is allergic to eggs but the same time she can eat breads, and pastries that contain eggs.

last night I got her princess story book( all the shortened versions of disney classiks). And I had to read it for her I think for 2 hours. Then I had to read her dora books. She loves Dora books. And that is not it. For her birthday I got Gameboy Advance and some games. Guess what who has to play for her. ME. She just likes to watch. SO I have to play princess and pauper game for hours, and disney princesses games for hours and sponge bob for HOURs, and hours and hours. TO MANY GAMES.

We hope that tomorrow is our last day in the hosptal. And after that we take a little brake from our Inpatient life.
Take care

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