Tuesday, October 19

Round 2 finished!!!

Yeah!! We are back in target house. Reginas stem cell transplatn went really well. She did throw up once due to yucky taste in her mouth( smell is still really bad around her).

last night when I did the dressing change( CEntral line), I noticed that something was not quite right. I looked little closer and finally got it. Her line was about 3 fingertip lenghts out, but still in her vein. On sunday afternoon she startedd crying and asking for pain meds. She was screaming. Doctors came to check her because everybody knew that Regina never cryes or complains. It was big deal this time. So doctors checked her and thought she mey have some bone pains. because there was no outer sign that there was sometihing wrong with her. She got her meds , big band aid and she finally calmed down for 4 hours. Around middle of the night she woke up screaming that her back and side and everything is hurting. Nurse ordered more tylenol fom pharmacy and she felt little better after receiving it. So yesterday while I changed her line , I told nurse and i finally knew the reason behind reginas cry. Line is inside her vein and the end that is in the vein is little bigger so it wount get out so easily. Muscle has formed around the end and regina had that pulling pain sensation all over her right side and close to line. She just did not know how to adress her problem. Now she has to live with this hurting feeling until everything gets adjusted inside . Since line is still flushing and doing good blood returns ther eis no need to remove the line.

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