Sunday, October 17

Day 3.

It seemed like an easy day for her. Tomorrow she gets no drugs- rest day, and on tuesday she gets her stem cells back. And if everything goes fine we get out on the same day. :)

She ate 1/3 doughnut and drank some fanta. Better than nothing. She smiled and laughed and even did some coloring. :)

Weather here is really cold. I'm not really used to this kind of weather anymore. We miss Cali.

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Kathy said...

It was cold in California today, and rainy, you didn't miss much. I see the next two days in Memphis are expected to be in the 80's while we're expecting temps in the 60's and rain.

That sounds great, that Regina was able to eat something during chemo, I don't remember Steven being able to eat anything at all until chemo was done and we were out of the hospital.

You're almost halfway done with the chemo portion of her treatment. I can almost promise you the stem cell infusion will go easier than the bone marrow did last time, the smell won't be as bad and will go away quicker, she shouldn't be peeing blood this time either, and you should hopefully get to go back to Target House on Tuesday and sleep in a regular bed.

It sounds like she's doing great.