Monday, October 18

Short update.

Regina is doing great. At least that what doctors keep telling me. They tell me that she is doing much better than other bmt kids. That just warms m y heart. But the same time I see her sick , throwing up, not eating anything and just limp and lifeless and I wonder is that what doctors mean great??? If somebody would ask from me how she is doing I would say she is doing really bad- because I only see what I see and all the numbers dont tell me anything.

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Kathy said...

I understand what you're saying. Somehow things don't feel so great, after she was diagnosed with a horrible malignant brain tumor that has a good probability of coming back, somehow that doesn't feel great.

But it does actually sound like she's doing well, some days you'll be thankful, some days you'll be mad that she needs to go through all this stuff at all, it's all part of the process.

I predict that when she finishes up that last cycle, she'll amaze you with how soon she gets back to her normal energy level and eating habits.

So, get her through this cycle and we'll pray for no fever so you can sleep in a regular bed for the next few weeks.