Thursday, October 14

My mom is in hospital

She has heart problems. Her health is not the best right now.She was hospitalised 2 days ago. I just hope that they find what's wrong and help her feel better.
She was supposed to have thyroid surgery but she refused to have it- she also has blood clotting problems, both hips replaced with artificail parts and severe depression. She is also had surgery to remove ovarian cancer and she is in lots of different meds. I just hope that she has enough strenght to recover. She is only 50 years . And hardest part is that she is in Estonia and we are in US. Only way we can help is financialy because lot of the surgerys are not covered under her plan. And sad part is - more money you have in EST the better care you get- especially in Country side. And we are from country side.

Listen to this. When my mom dad t have surgery to remove tumor/cancer doctors removed wrong part . They removed everything that was not affected with cancer. Then my moms condition got worse. She got infected and started bleeding. Came out that docs performed the surgery in unsanitised enviroment. They finally found out what was wrong. This time they removed the right " stuff". She sitll has problems from surgeryes. :(

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mom and hope she's out of the hospital soon. On the other hand, glad to hear how well Regina is doing right now and hope the chemo session goes easier this time.
Carol :)