Sunday, October 3

We know what future brings..

... but we dont know how to read the clues. I want to share a dream I had about 5 years ago. regina was about month old that time. And this dream still hunts me.

We lived close to water. Lots of water. and we had 2 story house and our backyard was facing the big, big lake. I was taking care of Regina when suddenly she was gone. I started looking for her and I could not find her. Finally I found her body but I did not find her head. There was no blood anywhere and in some weird reason I did not panick. I just kept looking and I finally found her tiny , tiny head. It was somehere in the grass- where grass was longer. I took her hairless head and I placed it to her neck. And it stayed there. It was like nothing never ever happened. And then I woke up.

When Regina was first diagnosed the dream came back to me and I knew now that 5 years ago I knew that something was going to happen but I just did not belive it.
I had lots of dreams after that that predicted my relatives death or healing or weather or even Money matters and they all have come true. I dont dream often , but if I do dream my dreams seems so real I have to wake up to make sure I'm dreaming.

In the past I had tarot cards and i had creat success, but one they when they predicted my car accident I just threw them away. Right away. I'm really curious what they would say about our life in the future. but I'm to scared to face the unpleasent news. So I just wait and see and belive in my dreams.

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