Sunday, October 10

Not so successful day :(

REgina was supposed to have her pharesis today-1)(spelling?) they will insert a femoral line and run his blood through a machine that will remove CD34 cells and parallel to that she will reveive blood. Well, well, well. She was hooked up and ready to start. . Prior to that she had extra line placed on her right thigh.

Everything was fine. Nurse flushed her lines and we went downstairs to blood donor center where she was supposed to get this procedure done. But it did not go they way they planned. Suddenly non of her lines flushed- WHAT?? lines were fine 15 min ago. SO instead of removing lines from that new line, they tryed to do it from her central hickman line- did not work. It did work, but not the way it was supposed to be working. After 3 hours of figuring out why it is not working , they gave up and sent us back upstairs. NOW, regina is stuck with that extra line for 2 more days- and that line is really bothering her- it is really close to her private parts and it hurts her.

After we were sent upstairs , the doc, who placed her line in came by to see what was going on. GUESS WHAT??? LINE was in working order- it returned blood and received blood. Nurses just did not try hard enough to get the line working. And her line( white line) had something in but now it is in working order. SO I keep my fingers and legs crossed and hopefully tomorrow they get enough stem cells .

Regina does not feel like herself today. She threw up 3 times and nobody seems to care why. It is sunday and there is not enough doctors and nurses in the hospital to answer my guestions. Dr Gajjar stepped by to see what was going on. I could see that he was upset the way things were going, but he assured me that everything will be fine.

I started crying because I was so upset over the whole thingl. I know everybody tries to do theyr best but somethimes it is not enough. They had to try harder. I know it was just the matter of nurses who were here today- they did not have enough experience - that what I believe, because When mashine did not do what it was supposed to do, they took out theyr book and started reading what should be done next. ANyway, I just wanted to let some of the steam out . Don't be mad if you happen to read this. I just have to calm down and think happy thoughts.


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Kathy said...

The throwing up--

it comes and goes. One boy was throwing up through most of his cycles, one didn't throw up mostly at all. Steven was probably somewhere middle of the road.

I gave zofran 2-3 times a day even on days where Steven wasn't getting sick and kept it up for a month after he was done. I don't know if she tolerates the ativan at all, but that worked great for Steven also.

I'm sorry to hear that they weren't able to harvest her stem cells, hopefully tomorrow. Now that her ANC is up you've got to get her out of there and take her to the zoo or something and let her play at Target House before her next round of chemo.

We're going to be there November 3-4, a short visit this time, just an MRI of the brain and a hearing test, unless they've tricked us again and piled on a bunch of stuff that we don't get to know about until we get there.