Monday, October 11

Try number 2!!

AND YES!!! FINALLY!!! Everything went really well today. Immature cell count was 88 , which was the best they seen on Reginas case so far. After 4,5 h harvest we are done. Regina did really good. Around 8-9 we know if they got enough cells, but so far seems like they did. And yesterdays harvest produced enought cells 0,5 amount. WHIch is also good. And if they got enough everything we'll be out of ther tomorrow morning . I can not wait. My bed needs me and I need my bed. :)


Kathy said...

Time to make like a tree and leave...
... the hospital, that is.

Hopefully you two will be getting the hay out of there tomorrow and back to a real bed.

Then time to party hardy until chemo round 2. Take Regina to do something she really likes and you get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Really happy to hear the good news. Hope by the time you read this you're out of the hospital and that Regina can do something fun and you can sleep in a REAL BED!!!!!
Angel Carol :)