Thursday, September 30

Prayers needed!!!

Last night Regina got admitted with 39,6 fever. VERY high. Now we are inpatients again until her situation gets stable.

She scrached her head about a week ago and her nail was little to long and she scrached tooo hard. Now one spot- where her scarline is is infected . She got antibiotics last night and everything was fine. Then around 12 am she got antibiotics again. Suddenly she woke me up and sayed" Mom, I need to go to bathroom. SO i took her. She felt really warm. I turned on the light and my girl was swallen all over the body. The worst was her tummy and face. Imagine about 200 mosquito bites. Thats how she looked. I rushed out from the room and called her nurse in to see what is going on. I was scared. I was. I had no idea what was going on. They told me that it is because of antibiotics. And it happens to a lot of the kids.
Nurse gave her some benadril and after hour her itchy , red swollen patches where gone. But oh, boy was I scared.
And that is not it she also had 38.8 fever. Fever went down also.

Then this morning she got the same meds again and nothing happened. They told me that instead of giving it to her one hour, today they will do it for 2 hours.

I also found out what was the reason of reginas fever. SHe has infection in her white line. They dont know what kind of infection but good thing is that it was cought in very early stage so no real damage is done. I just hope that it is not because I did something wrong :(

Now we wate and hope that fever will go away, that infection will clear up and little infection on top of her head will dissapear fast.

And please send some good apetite vibes. She is hardly eating. And she is just skin and bones( 14 kilos). Tonight she will get some Tpn fluids( carbs, protein, vitamins) to keep her going and if she still keeps loosing she'll be on steroids.

OK. I finally got my internet connection here in Target house - but sad part is that I dont get to use it because we are in hospital. :)



Anonymous said...

Diana, I am sending up many prayers. I am sorry to hear things are not going well. HAng in there!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you my prayers and my love!
I'm hoping by the time you read this, Regina's fever will have come down. And maybe she'll even be hungry.
Hang in there--things will get better.
Angel Carol :)

Kathy said...

All this sounds so familiar.

Steven's first fever was over 40.5 degrees, he has an allergy to cephalosporins (one of the antibiotics they use), and he got an infection in his line (e. coli), and I was certain it was my fault.

It happens often. The line is most likely nothing you did, you are much more experienced than I was with the line since she had it during radiation.

Steven lost 10 lbs his first cycle. In his case, he started eating the day they ordered TPN, so we stopped it, but almost all the kids end up on TPN, and she won't keep losing weight on TPN. She may not gain, but it will stop the loss.

Hang in there. I expect that within a couple of days or less Regina will be feeling pretty good and you will be desperate to get out of the hospital.

Fever, especially the first time, is so scary.

Hang in there, we're praying for you and Regina.

Kathy said...

Our memoirs from the first cycle: