Sunday, September 12


Nick and SIja( my sis) drowe 800 miles yesterday. They are somewhere in Oklahoma now. Hopefully they will be in Memphis tomorrow night. :):) Can not wait to see them . And good thing is that I get some one on one time with my Dh before Regina starts her Chemo.

We spent 2 hours in hospital today. Just everyday stuff- blood checked, temperature, blood pressure. Same old, same old. But today we did it in Medicine room. We never been in Medicine room before.

I think I lyed littlebit in my last post. I said Regina will be admitted on Friday( ups) , she will be admitted on Thursday. I just read my callendar wrong( I still get European/ USA callendar mixed up sometimes). In Estonia week starts with Monday, and in USA it starts with SUnday.

Think about her tomorrow. :)

THank you for prayers and well wishes. :D


Anonymous said...

What a long trip your husband and sister are making--and how wonderful it will be for both you and Regina to see them!! Please give Regina my love and tell her I'm thinking about her all the time. She is a brave little sweetheart! Let me know when you have an address I can mail stuff to.
Angel Carol :)

Sleeping Beauty said...

:) I sure will Carol :) And thank you for being her Angel :)