Wednesday, September 22

Regina got her bonemarrow back.

Today around 11 am she got it back. She did really well first 2 hours. No vomiting no pain, only feeling she had was COLD( her bone marrow was brought in frozen, they defrosted it inside the hot water and injected it while it was ice cold. Right away I could feel this horrible smell. SOme prescribe it as corn some as burned popcorn but for me it smelled like fresh , raw pork or chicken. The smell is still really bad in the room and it'll last for a while.

Around 1.20 she started throwing up . And around same time she started peeing blood. Doctors say it is normal that it is happening. SO I must belive what they say.

Suddenly she started screaming and holding her head. "Mommy, mommy take the pain away.Mommy , my head hurts, take the pain away.ALl I could do is to watch her to cry and hold her hand. Doctor' nurses gave her some meds and pain stopped and she fell asleep. But all the bad memories came flushing back. The days she was trowing up,the days she was just lying down and doing nothing, The days she was crying and asking to take the pressure away. I felt like it was happening all over again. I could not help it. She is now the way she was while sick at home with tumor and we had no idea what was wrong.

Now she i crying because she is getting help. SHe is throwing up because meds are working , she is crying because she is feeling pain because of meds, not because she had life tretening tumor. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

We still dont have room in Target house. I think that people in Patient services just are telling me what I want to hear- which is, we want to get a room NOW. i heard this "you get your room withing next 2-3 days " for almost 3 weeks now. Is that normal. I NEED ROOM NOW. With reaginas situation it is better for us if we move before she gets discharged.



Kathy said...

Regina's next transplant will be stem cells, not bone marrow, and the transplant itself will be much easier, fewer side effects, no peeing and vomiting blood.

I'm sorry to hear she's not feeling well, and we know just how terrifying those headaches are, for everyone.

Hang in there, all of you.

Anonymous said...

I hope today will be a better day for Regina....and you. And I hope Target House finds a room for you IMMEDIATELY!!
My thoughts are with you always.
Love, Angel Carol :)