Saturday, September 11

Busy schedule ahead..

REginas MRI's were clean!! Is'nt that the great news??? I saw her MRI results and her brain looks flawless :) CLEAN!!!!

But we have really busy and nerw wracking schedule ahead. SUnday we will have to go to hospital to get her labs done .

Monday she will have bone marrow harvest done- it takes about 1-2 hours .
What it mesand is, donor will receice anesthesia so she'll be pain free. And she will have no memory of the procedure. During the harvest procedure , 2 sites, 1 on each hip , are accesed with the collection needle. The needle is inserted several times throught these 2 sites until enought marrow is collected. The harvest is done in the operating room under sterile conditions. The marrow is saved for her to use at a later time as indicated by our childs treatment plan.

This is our first step before chemo. If they dont get enough marrow , she will have second line placed in her groin area and this time mashines will do it's work.

Think about her. She will feel great discomfort and pain for a while, but since she is so young she will recover fast. Infection risk is really big. Hopefully doctors do theyr work really well and she will have no complications what so ever.

Tuesday's schedule is BUSY.
starting from 8 am to 4 pm, she has various apointments. Starting from X ray and ending with e clinic( about 7 apointments total).
Wednesday again, busy, busy, busy, . Thursday - I'm not sure what will happen. But FRIDAY, the 16th is THE day. SHe will be admitted 7.30 pm- and we go from there. Saturday she will receive her first drugs. Pray for her. :)

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Regina's MRI was clean. Love and kisses to her---she will be in my thoughts and prayers all week.

Angel Carol :)