Friday, September 17


Finally!!! LA lalalalal. Can you tell I'm happy??? HA!!! We GOT A ROOM!! We got a room!!!

YES. REgina will be inpatient starting from tonight! What a relief. I'm so happy that her schedule stays almost the same.

AND- sometimes next tuesday ( I HOPE) we finally move out from Grizzlies house and into TARGET HOUSE!!!! What a great day!!!

She'll be hooked up with IV fluids tonight and tomorrow(fingers crossed) if docs think she is ready to get her first dose- SHE WILL GET IT!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the wait isn't so very long--thank goodness!! Hugs and kisses to Regina for tomorrow's first treatment.
Angel Carol :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting sometimes doesn't take as long as it may originally seem.
Hugs and kisses to Regina as she begins her treatment. (I tried to post this on Friday, but it didn't work--hope it does this time!)
Love, Angel Carol :)