Wednesday, September 1

Busy weekend ahead..Part 2

Ok, here I go again. Blogger deleted my post before so now I try to say again what I itended to say before.
We have really busy schedule from tomorrow till Monday.
Tomorrow( thursday)- I have to buy gifts to 3 of our friends. Reginas Best friend H. is coming over and they will have sleep over together. Before sleepover starts we will go to my Best friends son J. birthday.
Then on Friday I have to clean up our house.
Friday Morning Nick will come back from china
Friday night our friens will come see Regina and Me last time before we leave
Saturday Shopping in Costco and from 2-4 is Princess tea party. Regina and H. will celebrate theyr B-days together. And thanks to H. mom this B. day will be memorable for both of them. Thanks Beth!!!
Sunday- I'm not sure yet, but I know we will do something
and Monday- Packing and crying and packing and crying. It'll be really sad day. :(
And we'll say by to Ca for 5 months 9am on tuesday morning.
We receved our ticets today. I felt like crying. Step no2 is getting close.
It'll be long road to recovery but SHE is strong and she can do it. She has to do it. It is to late to turn back now.
She will suffer during the treatments, and she will be in great deal of pain, but if it gives her longer life in this unfair world , why not to but her through that. We love our girl and she is special to us in many ways. She is very much loved and needed in this world.
I want to thank you ST Jude for giving her second chance in life.

I'm really sad about not being able to take my son with me to memphis. :( My husband will stay to CA with Gabriel- he is 3 years old. I will miss him and I will never stop loving him. I will see her during the thanksgiving and Christmas but that is about it. I dont know what will I do without him those 5 months away from home . And of course my dear Husband. I will miss him also. :(
My sister will come with me to Memphis to help me out. I think I COULD handle it alone, but little help does not hurt. Thanks Sija for coming tu USA to help us . She is our only relative in US now. My husbands family is in CHina and my family is in ESTONIA, so we really have nobody here. We made some great friends but nothing replaces old friends and family. :)

Thank you everybody for praying for us and thinking about us. :)

PS- People have asked if they can share my website with theyr friends and family. YES, OF COURSE you can!! More people know about her and pray and think good thoughts the better it is. She needs everybodys support now. :)
Thank you for being there for her. :)

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