Wednesday, September 1


I really have no Idea how many of you are reading our ST JUDE story. IF you get a chance just post a comment here and let us know that you are out there and thinking about us. It'll mean a lot to us all :)

Diana , Regina, Nick and Gabriel


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana, Nick, Regina and Gabriel. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Aimee (NikAnthonysmom, Tulips World)

lennuk said...

Hello! I am checking your updates all the time!
Wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Diana, I read whenever you post!! You are in my prayers for your hard work as a mother to deal with your daughters cancer. Regina is in my prayers to continue to be the best PNET patient around!!!

If you need anything email me!!!
Shae (tulips world)

Kathy said...

Godspeed to all your family as you embark on the second part of your journey.

Regina is strong and confident and you are about to find out that you don't know the beginning of the depth of her courage yet.

We go to help our kids along on this journey, but we soon find ourselves to be helpless, it is our kids that are leading us.

We are here for you any time.

Say hi for us to Ken "if you fly with the owls you can't soar with the eagles" Bertang and the rest of the new friends you'll meet in B Clinic, and get Regina practicing up on shooting pool after you get settled in Target House.

Isaiah 11:6
... and a little child will lead them.

- Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your posts and I wish you and Regina a safe trip. The both of you are in my prayers. I wish you love, luck and laughter---and I just know that things will go well in Memphis. Regina is a strong little girl and she has a wonderful, strong mother.

Angel Carol :)

Anonymous said...

Diana and family,

My best to Regina. She's SUCH a strong little girl who has a very strong mommy! My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Love, Jackie (chitowngirl2)