Thursday, September 23

1 down, 3 to go.

Yep!! 1 part of her chemo is done. But next 3 treatments will be little easier. next ones are stem cell transplants.

She stopped peeing blood around midnight . So she did not have to wake up every hour anymore to pee in to the cup.
We just got discharged and now are back in Grizzly house. And we got some great news. WE HAVE A ROOM !!!!! YES!!! Tomorrow I have to go to Target house to do the orientation thingi. lol. After that we can move in there. So next 4-5 months we are Target house family.

Regina is one weird girl with even weirder apetites. She asked me to make barbeque toaster strudels. Which means I take to slices of white bread, smear barbeque sauce all over the bread and then she will eat it. YAIKS. Once before she asked this from me and she had horrible diarrhea for 2-3 days. SO today I bought the mildrest barbeque sauce and made it for her. ANd guess what. She only took wone bite out of her sandwich. lol

She is doing ok overall. Hopefully her normal apetite will return soon. And cross your fingers that she will not get fevers. Usually most of the kids get fevers when counts drop.
SHe is not that stinky today. But everytime she passes a gas I can smell the bonemarrow preservitive all around our room in Grizzlies. lol


Anonymous said...

Hope that Regina is feeling better and eating a little more now that she's out of the hospital.
I have a bunch of stuff to send her once you're in Target House. I have the address, but they didn't have Regina's name or room number yet, so I'll try again, and hopefully get things into the mail on Monday.
(Barbecue toaster strudel sounds awful...although I think my husband might actually like it!)
Hope both of you have a restful weekend.
Angel Carol :)

HelloKitty said...

Hi Diana,

I finally found this website! Very impressed! Can't imagine how you can handle this, but you are doing it! Hope you two have a great weekend!