Monday, September 13

I'm scared now.

Right now, at this very moment, Regina is lying down on operating table and doctors and nurses are working hard to get enough bone marrow for at least 3 doses. I saw the room and equipment and it scared me how much was going on in that room. Hoses everywhere, big mashines... Everything will go well. She told me she'll be strong and she will.

Before surgery we spent 2 hours in waiting area( we supposed to sign in 2 hours before surgery started) , and we laughed the whole time. I havent seen her that happy for a long time.She laughed about everything. I wish there were more happy moments like that. There will be , I just know.

But right now I'm just trying to get myself together and stay strong.

Nick and SIja have another 700 miles to drive. They will be here late tonight.

Everything went well :) I don't have all the details but seems like surgery was a success. REgina is doing good. After she woke up , she asked if she can eat chicken. Nurses told me to start with water and soup but she did not want any. So I gave her some chicken. She ate her lunch and now she is sitting next to me in her Jeep stroller. She says that she is not feeling any pain yet.

Nick called- They will be here in 2 hours. They were speeding and driving to close to somekind of big truck. COps were driving behind them and pulled them over . They said to him that he should be more careful. And this time they got away with warning. HONEY!!! WHAT is it with you. Every time you drive my car you get inot some weird cop situations. :)


Anonymous said...

The machines are scary, but they do good things. Keep remembering the laughter!! There will be lots more!
Carol :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, chicken is good!! Anyone who can eat chicken can't be feeling too bad!! Have a nice evening with your hubby and sis.
Carol :)