Sunday, September 5

Birthday Party!!

Regina and H had their part yesterday. It was fun party. :) Regina was not feeling very well yesterday so she really did not participate with enthusiasm. She look somewhat pale and I thought that something was wrong. I had little talk with her and she said to me that she is sad because this party is not ALL about her :( She and her best friend celebrated party together. And also told me that there is to many adults and she is scared of them :(.

She is realy shy girl and she is not stupid girl. She feels like she is starting to grow apart from her friends and thinks that she has no more friends :( That just broke my heart. But I had to but on my party face and stay strong.
H. Mom was nice enough to notify party stuff so they would set 2 sets of candles so the girls can blow off candles individually. Regina went first. She told me to do it for her . I blew the candles and made a wish. :) You can guess what I wished for :)

Thank you Beth for being so understanding :)

She got lot of presents and she has been playing with her presents all day today. She is back to her normal self and is singing and dancing around the house. She was playing my keyboard and gabriel was singing and dancing, then it was gABRIELS turn to play and Regina was sihnging and dancing. They are just to cute.
Regina is trying to tell me that SHE NEEDS Gabriel in Memphis and It is fun there . She appears distant when I tell her about going back to memphis. But she is ok going back there.

I dont know when I get a chance to update . We are leaving on Tuesday and get settled in Grizzly house. Hopefully we get placed to Target house really soon. I dont mind living in RMH but it just drives me grazy that I have to share kitchen with eveybody and if I want to eat I have to get my self into "ok " clothing to go down and fix up my meals and even then if there are people in kithen I have to wait until they are finished. Oh, well. We'll see. :)

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