Monday, September 27


Target House II
1811 Poplar Avenue
Memphis , TN, 38104
ROOM 518

Diana and Regina Tan
ALl the letters , packages and get well cards can be sent to that address. :)

We live in target house now and we love it. It spacy 2 bedrooms, little kichen and little living room. Enough space for 3 of us

And thanks to familyes who lived there before we have everything- pots, pans, forks, spoons, cups, coffee mashine, can opener, blender, etc. :)
Regina is not doing very good. SHe still throws up a lot( every time she eats something), she is eating way to little . ANd she gets headaces.

Today her ANC was 0 and her platelets 14 so today we will spend lot of time in Medicine room. SHe feels hot, but termomiter shows no fever.; She cryes a lot and complains aces here and there and seems like all she wants to do is lye down- even if she feels better.

On wednesday I'll get high speed internet in our room( 30 dollars per month+ 450 dollars for needed equipment.) SO hopefully I can check in more often and give better updates.

Regina HATES wearing her mask. She will cry 5 minutes before she buts it on. Who does not know what the deal about the mask- since her counts are low or 0 she has to wear one and it helps to filter out viruses, bacteria, fungus- whatever is flying aroung in Memphis.

We also have to wash our hands 100 times during the day- my hands are dying . I swear. Water 100 times a day is hand kill. lol I need good lotion recomends- and possibly without any scent. Regina is very sensitive to aromas( I even can not shew minty shewing gum) .

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finally getting a room!! I mailed Regina a package earlier today, before I knew the room number.

I'm going to send you some hand creams. I should have them to mail by Friday. Hopefully at least one of them will help.

I am sorry that Regina is still not feeling well, but she is a strong little girl and I'm sure she will do better soon. It's only been a short time since her treatment.

Meanwhile, YOU take care! Kisses to Regina. And a hello to your sister, who I think you said is staying with you.

Love, Angel Carol :)