Monday, September 20

Regina is still not eating much. :(

ANd she is getting weaker. She is not able to keep her oral medications down. She threw up today 5 times allready. :( I dont know how am I supposed ot feed her meds for 10 days if she is not keeping it down?? ANd I'm not really liking todays nurse. She is just weird. I told her that regina has problems with cherry flawored meds - and guess what she did. SHE have her cherry flavored meds- she had choice betweens strawberry and cherry but no she gave her cherry. And she even offered her to have some peanut butter crackers.


carolineg said...

Came across your blog kind of randomly, and I just wanted to send you best wishes in your daughter's recovery. Hope she had a happy birthday - such a strong little girl deserves it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that it is a rough day! Hope she starts eating soon, can keep down her meds and gets some strawberry medicine! - Kristyn

Anonymous said...

Don't let the nurse get away with it--fight for strawberry meds!! If you're not feeling well, eating/drinking something that you don't like is horrible. Peanut butter crackers sound awful too! Hopefully, today will be a better day. How about a lollipop to suck after the medication?
Love, Angel Carol :)