Tuesday, February 1


Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

We have tried to reboot it but nothing. When I turn computer on it gives me that error message and it does not read even cd. It keeps turning on and off itself. I am so frustrated now. I was printing out some invitations and next thing I know is that stupid F*(^(*g error. GRRRRRRR

ALL my latest pics are in that computer- EVERYTHING is in there. I was thinking about backing up all the files tonight but I guess not. I am about to cry. PLEASE, PICTURES be there.


Kathy said...


I have a link with stuff for you to try. Don't give up. If I had your computer I could try to help you.

Even if you can't actually repair the problem, you may be able to copy off what is on the disk.

Look at this:

Sleeping Beauty said...

Thanks Kathy. :) For now we have found out that problem has 4 steps. First one is resolved- now Nick is working on 3 other steps , and hopefully with no time my computer is up and running. Weird is that it kept asking for passwords we had not set up. Now that password problem is fixed ;) :/