Wednesday, February 23

Regina is on antibiotics.

She had runny nose( clear) for over 3 months now. But after Saturday party that clear turned yellowish, greenish boooooger. I took her to see doctor and she has to take meds for it. . I guess, somebody brought little bug to our house.
And she also had white stuff coming out from her eyes. So now she is on antibiotics. I hope it'll help, because poor girl has to blow her nose every 10 seconds. I have no Idea where all that stuff comes from.

It is 6.02pm and i am HUNGRY. lately my favorite food is everything tuna. So today I am going to make tuna melts. CHEESY tuna melts. OH, I have not had those for ages( I guess for about 2 years), so today is Tuna day. For Tomorrow I am planning to have lentil soup with pork feet ( yes, I know my taste is not traditional). And that kind of soup with special chinese herbs added to it is great for those who have breast milk problems. There is something in yellow beans and pork feet that produce more milk ( I know, I tryed). I hope I am not grossing you out . lol. Today I have been scaring Sija a lot. lol

While driving home from doctors office I told her that every person who is driving on this freeway right now has one big secret that nobody knows.( me included ;) Interesting, how many people here driving with us are child molestors, murderers, prostitutes etc. How many of those people are planning murder now, and who will be next person killed. lol But really, if you think about it- that is the truth. Yes, there are also people who are only thinking about flowers and bees, and ice cream and meatballs. But I really don't care about that, I care more about why in the world do I think about things like that?? :lol Ask my sister, she knows. I have scared her to death with my imaginationary stories. :lol

I love pork feet, pork ears, rinds- everytghing with extra crunch and cal's to it. ;)

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Kathy said...

The Bell family is all still well, so I am hoping it wasn't us that brought disease to Regina.

Hope she feels better soon and that you get your fix of tuna and crunchy pig parts.