Tuesday, February 8


If you guessed ( about ribs) the thrid option( my husband was taking shower, and forgot all about the ribs) you were almost right. His shower took 2 minutes longer and that what it takes to burn your dinner. lol

Regina is doing very well. There is nothing really to report about her health right now. But tomorrow we have to go to LabCorp to get her labs drawn. And since now she does not have central line anymore, she has to be poked. I guess she will put on a little fight, but she understands how important these labs are. More to report tomorrow. :)

Today is the day I am fasting. NO FOOD Until tomorrow morning. All these meats have screwed up my digestion and I am trying to do little cleansing procedure. ALl I drink today is lemon or lime water- and some green tea to keep me warm. I tend to get chills during fasting periods( I do it usually 3 times a year). It is not really hard thing to do during the daytimel. But when clock hits 6pm , hunger hits me hard,and then I have to find things to do to keep my mind away from food.

I have one prayer request- Stanton who is batteling with Neuroblastoma has little hope surviving. His bonemarrow is packed with neuroblastoma cells and there were no healthy cells left. Please check out their Caringbridge site.

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