Monday, February 28

Creative day. :D:D:D

I feel very crafty today. I started my day dropping off my son to daycare and then I hit the walmart to get some fabrics. Yes, I am going to make a quilt for Reginas bed in Reginas room with all her favorite characters on it. I got care bears and princess fabric. But I still need a lot of different fabrics like blues clues, dora Bratz, Barbie, different protective angels.
This is the one I have been trying to find. It is my vary favorite picture in whole wide world. My grandma had postcard size picture hanging over his bed for over 50 years. Picture that I have is from 1938. and it is quite old. I am now trying to find somekind of fabric that has this image on. If you happen to know somebody who can help me with it, please let me know.

So today I did some cutting . And I tryed to plan the layout and let me tell you, it is a lot of work to make something like it. It seems easy but it is not. It is hard and I just hope that I have enough energy to finish it one day. lol

Regina is doing pretty good. Her runny nose is getting less runny. And she is eating more and more each day. :) I am really happy about it. We finally found her vitamis she loves. Winnie the Pooh gummys. :) 2 gummys a day. SHe loves them.

She also wants to learn to read , and thanks to my friend Leila, she seems more interested in reading. L. gave Regina wonderful set of books that are really easy for learners. And Regina is a lerner. :)

Then I have been organizing my photos Just because on Saturday I am going to my Scrapbooking retreat. Oh , I am so exited about it. It is the whole weekend deal, but I am just going to scrap for a day. So now I have hundreds of pics and I plan to scrab at least 50 pages. Oh I need to buy whole bunch of supplies also. :D:D:D:D:D
Then on friday night I am planning to go to LA( one estonian band is giving a mini concert in Estonian house). I just hope that weather is good, because if it is not I WONT BE DRIVING. I hate driving in rain .

Sunday, February 27

Saturday, February 26

Eat - Not to eat???

I made peanut butter, chocolate chunk macademia nut cookies today- all in one. THey are the best cookies I ever , had. It is my own recipe( I worked hard to get it perfect ;). Now I finally got what I wanted. I just felt like sharing. Sija ate them until she felt sick in her stomack. lol

Then I experimented with coctails- Monsters energy drink, margarita mix, white ice cream and triple sec, makes really really good coctails. I am not going to give you exact amounts , but coctail is really , really good. ;) ( shake it baby :D )

Regina has her best friend here . They are grazy. It is 9.01 PM and they are going strong. They have changed their outfits for about 100 times- from one princess to another. And guess who is really exited about dressing up as girl ?? GABRIEL. He told me he is a girl, HE WANTS to be a girl. This is scary. He sleeps with barbies, he wants to wear high heal shoes( have you ever seen Hot Chick movie, there is one boy who wears his sisters clothes). And to make things even worse- he even talks like a girl. He NEEDS to be around men more often. All he gets at home are 3 girly girls, who don't play with cars or airplanes. :lol Poor Gabriel. I hope he does not end up like Ru Paul ( I don't mind him, but we are talking about my son. lol)

Big Ben

Another Dear St Jude family lost theie sweet baby. Big Ben bowen . I did not know them very well but I learned to know them through their website. I met her mom briefly when Regina started her Radiation treatments back in June.
They keep inspireing people all around the world :D

Thursday, February 24

Foods/ desserts we/Regina love.

Today we went to Barnes and Noble store. They have Starbucks. I don't care much for coffee, but what I do care is their doubble chocolate chip cookies and Sugar cookies. I SWEAR- these are the best cookies you have ever tasted:)

Then Regina loves marble loaf cake Starbucks also sells( not in every store). Yes, she is a sweet tooth.
Another her very favorite is Cinnabon mini cinnamon rolls. She likes everything cinnamon, and if we are talking about cinnamon rolls, then IKEA cinnamon rolls( mini ones, not freshly baked) are her second favorite cinnamon dessert.

Like most of girls she loves chocolate. Chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate fillings are her very favorites.
I do have to mention that it is very hard for me to by her those things because they may contain nuts( walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts etc) and she is allergic to all nuts available. So every time she takes bite of some store bought dessert , I have to inspect it first .

She is not ALL dessert diet. She also loves salty things- but she is very, very celective what she likes and eats, and trust me if she tastes the food and it does not taste right- she will tell me that I got the wrong thing. She is way to smart.

Her very favorire food is IKEA Sweedish meatballs with sauce. THey are really really good. :)
She also likes spicy chicken wings from Costco. It has to be the brand costco sells. She does not like other wings.

Her favorite sausage is Oscar Myers Vieners- made with turkey , pork and chicken.

She loves cheese sandwiches- plain white bread with yellow cheese between 2 slices. She is very particular about cheese. AGAIN, if it is wrong kind of cheese, she will spot it and off I go to store again to find her right kind of cheese.

She likes asian noodles( not instant ones)- without any sauce

She likes kidz meal corndogs , and sometimes she even eats macaroni and Cheese
She likes farfalle macaroni without any sauce
Spagetty with marinara sauce
Cheese or sausage pizza Dominos or Digiorno. Yes, she knows her brands well.
There are more foods she loves but enough for this time.
Now lets talk about drinks
Her very favorite drink is 2% milk. She can drink a lot of milk
She loves NAKED orange juice
She loves Berry juicy juice
Coca cola or pepsi
Hot white or pink chocolate( from Disney Land)
SOmetimes regular milk chocolate does the thing
She loves pink bubble gum flavored popsicles
That is about it.
More to come when I get a chance. :D

Estonian Independence day, February 24th.

Today Is Estonian Independence day.
Happy Independence day to you all.

In January 1989, The Estonian Supreme Soviet adopted a language act, which declared the Estonian language the official language in the country. On 24 February 1989 the Estonian Independence Day was celebrated for the first time during the Soviet occupation. During the same year, the Citizens’ Committees Movement was launched. Its aim was to register all pre-war citizens of the Republic of Estonia and their descendants. The movement (the man at the head of the main committee was Tunne Kelam) was based on the principle of legal continuity and the continuity of Estonia’s citizenship and property rights.


Encouraged by the rapid collapse of the communist systems in Eastern and Central Europe, the independence movement of the Baltic countries in the second half of 1989 intensified further. On 23 August, a 600-kilometre human chain reaching from Tallinn to Vilnius focused international attention on the aspirations of the Baltic nations. With one million Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians holding hands, the human chain was the biggest political demonstration in Eastern Europe. In October, the Popular Front also started to support the idea of total freedom for Estonia.

sini-must-valge lipp Toompeal-->On 24 February 1989, the national blue-black-and-white flag was hoisted to the main tower on the Tallinn Toompea castle.
The first foreign country to recognise Estonia on 22 August was Iceland; the Russian Federation did the same on 24 August, the countries of the European Union on 27 August, the USA on 2 September and the Soviet Union on 6 September. By the end of 1991, around one hundred countries had recognised Estonia’s independence. On 10 September the same year, Estonia was accepted as a member state of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe; on 17 September it became a member of the United Nations.

On 7 October 1992, the 7th Riigikogu (Parliament), elected on 20 September the same year, passed a declaration restoring the constitutional state power which put an end to the transition period. This decision declared the legal identity with the Republic of Estonia declared on 24 February 1918, which fell victim to Soviet aggression and was unlawfully incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940. The Riigikogu expressed its thanks to all the countries who had de jure recognised the Republic of Estonia during the years of occupation. The same day, the government of the Republic of Estonia in exile terminated its activity.

If you are interesete learing more about Estonia and Estonians visit Esonica website.

To creep you out even more.

Here is link with GlobeExplorer. This is how your house/ street/ neighborhood looks from satellite.

Wednesday, February 23

Regina is on antibiotics.

She had runny nose( clear) for over 3 months now. But after Saturday party that clear turned yellowish, greenish boooooger. I took her to see doctor and she has to take meds for it. . I guess, somebody brought little bug to our house.
And she also had white stuff coming out from her eyes. So now she is on antibiotics. I hope it'll help, because poor girl has to blow her nose every 10 seconds. I have no Idea where all that stuff comes from.

It is 6.02pm and i am HUNGRY. lately my favorite food is everything tuna. So today I am going to make tuna melts. CHEESY tuna melts. OH, I have not had those for ages( I guess for about 2 years), so today is Tuna day. For Tomorrow I am planning to have lentil soup with pork feet ( yes, I know my taste is not traditional). And that kind of soup with special chinese herbs added to it is great for those who have breast milk problems. There is something in yellow beans and pork feet that produce more milk ( I know, I tryed). I hope I am not grossing you out . lol. Today I have been scaring Sija a lot. lol

While driving home from doctors office I told her that every person who is driving on this freeway right now has one big secret that nobody knows.( me included ;) Interesting, how many people here driving with us are child molestors, murderers, prostitutes etc. How many of those people are planning murder now, and who will be next person killed. lol But really, if you think about it- that is the truth. Yes, there are also people who are only thinking about flowers and bees, and ice cream and meatballs. But I really don't care about that, I care more about why in the world do I think about things like that?? :lol Ask my sister, she knows. I have scared her to death with my imaginationary stories. :lol

I love pork feet, pork ears, rinds- everytghing with extra crunch and cal's to it. ;)

Tuesday, February 22

We saved the best things for last.....
Sija and I- Sisters
Sija and James - Friends
Sam and Sija( just friends)
Brooke, Claire and Regina

Claire( St Jude Patient)

She was diagnosed around the same time as REgina was. SHe has Diffused Brain Stem Glioma. Yesterday , after MRI, they got the news nobody was expecting. Claires tumor has been growing. Regina, Claire and another St Jude patient Brooke sang and danced together in St Jude talent show.

Please check out Claire diary.

We spent some " Kitchen" time together In RMH , in Memphis, Tennessee. Claire and Regina used to play together when they got a chance. :)

Monday, February 21

Party part2

Like in every party things don't always go the way they supposed to. First I forgot to serve my wary favorite apetizer. Smoked salmon rolls with garlic cream cheese. I just but them into the empty vegetable drawer and forgot. There were about 200 rolls. :( So, now I will be eating salmon and cheese next 2 years( I freezed them ). lol

I also had planned little speech, but it got so grazy in our house, and it was impossible to get everybody to listen so I just sayed eh, who cares, they came to our house to eat not to listen some weird speech. ;)

Then of course, I wanted to take group picture with all the kids that came to our house, but I could not get all the kids into same room. lol, when some of the kids stayed still and waited patiently when I arrive with rest of the kids, then those rest of the kids dissapeared on their way upstairs. lol, so there you go. What a great organizer I am. I also did not get to spend enough time to chat with people :( But regardless of all the things that did not go the way I wanted , Party was great success. :) Money well spent. :

We also had facepainter Carrie, who did wonderful job, and she worked hard for 2 hours. :) Thank you Carrie.

Today Regina has been behaving her best. :) I got little upset about her room being very , very messy. I told her IF she does not clean up her books, dolls, and trash, she is not allowed to play for a while. After I sayed that, I went downstairs to eat. 10 minutes later Regina came down and told me that she had abig surprise for me. SHe asked me to close my eyes, she held my hand and leeded me to upstairs. And guess what??? SHE CLEANED UP HER ROOM. All the dolls were lined up, books were in a nice pile, and she even folded her clothes. :D It was her first time ever to actually clean her room like that. Usually she just threw things into toy box. Then she was in mood for more cleaning, and she helped Gabriel to clean his room :) Great!!!!!!!

Now they are having their lunch
Regina with her Favorite mermaid ;)

Sunday, February 20

Me and my tresures :)
just one room full on people( every singe room in my 2 story house was filled with people)
Neighbors :)
Maire and Leila( from Estonia, but living in CA)
THANK YOU from Regina and Gabriel
Dessers and Pizza
Mashed potatoe hedgedog
Me and littlebit of food...
Heather - The butterfly, and Regina The Kitty Cat. :)
Sindy( she is about to give birth ) , I and Nick :)


It is sunday morning. It is awful quiet today in here today. Yesterday our house was filled with chatter and laughter and facepainting fun. Today , we only have fun memory of it.

About 70 people showed up in our hause. Party extravaganza started around 4 pm when first visitors showed up, and from there it took about 30 minutes to fill up our house with friends and neighbors. Last people left around 2 AM( yes party lasted from 4PM- 2 AM ) And best of all, wheather calmed down, rain stopped and we could not have asked for a better weather to grill :)

I want to thank you all of you who were part of our " little celebration". I want to thank you for the hugs, for engouraging words. I want to thank you for being here with us, I want to thank you for all the gifts Regina received last night- she had fun opening them today :D I want to thank you for the great dishes you brought with you . I want to thank you for eating the food I prepeared for you to enjoy- I had fun greating what you ate last night ;)

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful I felt last night. It was great to see you all to come here and celebrate something so big - new beginning. I know Regina will grow up to be something "big" she will move mountains when she will grow up :) She has thought us so much through out this journey- patience, love, respect. She has thought us to fight without violence, she has helped us to grow stronger and she has helped us to undertand that not everything is about what it seems to be it is, it is always more to things. You just have tho look harder, think more and appreciate what you got and tresure it :)

Thank you ...


Thursday, February 17

Wish me luck - and REMINDER!!!!!!

OH, I am geting scared. Some of you know that on Saturday we have huge party. And it is getting bigger every minute. I thought that at most around 50 people will show but since it is such a huge event- We are celebrating Reginas life - and so far 80 people have signed up. AND make things worse , seems like weekend will be rainy and I have to make sure all 80 people will feel comfortable in my house. OH, I have no Idea how will I manage to keep things under control on this saturday. :)

**** IMPORTANT****- to all of you who are planning to attend this party( who have allready replied to evite, and invitation letter

IF YOU , OR YOUR KIDS are sick( cough, cold, etc,) please think twice before you are planning to attend this party., Reginas immune system is still recovering and we are very cautious about being around sick people. Better safe than sorry, she still gets infections very easily and recovery may be slow and painful
I want to thank you all of you who have called and told us that you or your kids are sick and you can not attend. If you have questions please call me. :)
949 290 6958( my cell) or email

I can not wait to see you all on this saturday around 4 pm. :D

Tuesday, February 15

I went to walmart and got some silk flowers and glued them to curtains. I also got one princess canopy( I think that what it was written to bag )and hanged it over her bed. :)
Thumbs up :D

Yesterday was busy day.( February 14th)

Morning started with droping Gabriel off to daycare. Then me and Nick went to buy new patio furniture. After that, me , sija and Regina painted Reginas room half pink. It took 3 coats of paint to get the color we wanted. Then, around 4.30 pm My dh decided to go to gym. we had reservation to restaurant 7PM. And he promised he'll be back 6pm. Suddenly he calls home and tells me he will be late because he had accident. I did not get all the details because Sija answered. When he got home, his hand was wrapped .

You know those workout chairs or benches that you can adjust to upright or flat position? Well, he started adjusting one and halfway through adjusting bench fell, and his hand got stuck - between his thumb and index finger. He lost lot of blood and he sayed he almost fainted because of that. He just finished his cardio, and his blood was still flowing hard, so thats why he lost lot of blood. :(

After he got home, we got dressed and went to Aliso Creek Inn to have our Valentines dinner. He could not drive his manual car , so he drowe my car instead. Dinner was wonderful. Lots of food. For apetiser they had shrimp kabobs and white truffle and potatoe soup. For main dish I had crispy crust salmon , and for dessert I had dark chocolate heart. I was stuffed it was lot of fooood to eat but worth every dollar ;)( Dinner price was fixed, so if I had skipped dessert and apetizers , I still had to pay the full price)

Then we drowe around looking for movie theater to see Hitch. But movie started too late and we ( I) did not want to wait couple of hours. Around 9.30 we went back home and watched CSI Miami. Sija had her friend over, and so 4 of us watched csi.

Today I added finishing touches to reginas room. It is still not ready and has to be accessorised.:)
Artist in Training ;)
Honey, Please, Pink is not your color. !!!
We are almost done with Reginas Princess room that includes Hallo Kitty and care bears- But hey, they are pink lol
Quiet!!!! Your Majesty is resting...;)

Sunday, February 13

Sunday ,the 13th.

IT is great day. Regina is 100% better from yesterday. SHe is not fighting, crying or complaining. I guess She was just did not get enough sleep and was tired from her sleepover party with her best friend.
We went to see our friends baby today who was born 2 weeks ago. Regina was exited to do that because she LOVES babys. They also have 2 big german shepards- beautiful dogs. Joshua is CUTEST baby I have seen for a while. ;) He was quiet the whole 40 minutes we were there. I remember my kids never where quiet. Only time he made some sound was when he got hungry , and waited for his momma to get ready;)
I forgot how little babyes can be- tiny fingers, tiny mouth, everything is so tiny about them. But oh boy, do they grow up to be strong individual with strong personalities. Regina still wants me to have baby - and IT HAS TO BE baby sister. And gabriel wants me to have baby also- but he wants to have baby brother. Where do they get that from??? ALl i can say is maybe. I don't promise anything....;)

On 16th I will go and Register Regina for public kindercarten. School is walking distance from us, and is best in the neighborhood. :) On 17th of Feb. Make a Wish people will come over and interview REgina about her wish. I know what it will be. But oh well, it is her wish, and if it gets granted she will be happiest girl in whole wide world. I know one thing why she wants her wish to be what it is. She wants to get lots of Disney musicboxes with different princesses inside. ( we have non, and every time we go to Disney store, she sees them and sayes- mommy, I WISH I had all of those musicboxes).

Then on 19th is the big day. PARTY!!!!!!!! HUGE party. Menu is together, and I am ready to have that party for Regina. Everything - plates, cups, , napkins etc, will be red, purple and pink- because these are her favorite colors. I just have no idea how will I manage to entertain about over 60 people in my house. :D It'll be a party to remember :D

Stanton earned his Angel WIngs

Stanton was brave 4 year old who is now playing with Angels.

Saturday, February 12

Quick update.

Couple of days have passed since my last update. Everything is pretty much normal. Regina had her bloodwork done. Everything looks great. Her ANC is 2600. Her liver numbers are getting better. Her platelets were little lover since month ago, but that low. Her doc here recommended to to one more bloodwork in 2 weeks and see how it is then :)

Regina had her first sleepover since she left to Memphis in September. She had great time. But when I went to pick her up this noon, she started crying and did not want to come home. :( She had fun with her best friend. But what frustrated me was her behavior. She started acting mean ( telling NO, NO NO to everything, and when I told her to hug her best friend, she started shouting and crying. I felt emarrased because of her behavior. I guess she does not like good buys, but why does she has to act so mean and hurtful ???

Now she is sleeping. I guess all that playing made her tired, and I hope after she wakes up she is back to normal Regina again. It feels like she is on chemo- because during her chemo she acted all mean and hurtuf. :( I hate those past feelings :(

Wednesday, February 9

Just Guys :D
Santa Monica pier and me..
James, Andrea, Sija, Nick and Anders enjoying hot pot ;)

Bai Nian, Bai Nian

...which is greeting in Chinese New year. And we celebrated Beginning of Rooster year with some of my DH friends. We had hot pot dinner. We bought thinly sliced meat and vegetables from Asian market and we boiled them and ate them with special sauces. Kind of like fondue , but only with water( no chocolate or cheeses). And we boiled meats, vegetables and soy products in that hot water. :o) . We also drank some Chinese liquor( 56%), some Chinese beers and Plum wine. Dinner was excellent. :)

My fasting( as I mentioned yesterday) ended today 6 PM. It means I fasted for 36 hours. I only had water, tee, coffee( 2 cups) and vegetabel broth. Starting from today I am back to my normal eating habits.

Regina had her labs drawn today. She started crying when she saw needle, but after she saw that her "poke" was covered with Garfield bandaid, she was happy again. It is so weird. Usually in St Jude we knew how her labs were 30 -45 minutes after they were taken, but here , in CA( LabCorp), we get results back on saturday or sunday. Oh, I don't like waiting that long. They told me that If I want to know how her labs were, I have to call them on Monday. It is a long wait. But the same time , looking at Regina, I know that all the labs will come back just fine because Regina is acting happy, active and ready to take life by storm. :) She really is recovering real nicely. Only thing I am still little worried is her apetite. She is eating, BUT not as well as I want her to. I want her to eat more nutitious food. But she likes mostly carbs, and meats make her throw up. :( . Good thing is she is Drinking milk :)

Tuesday, February 8


If you guessed ( about ribs) the thrid option( my husband was taking shower, and forgot all about the ribs) you were almost right. His shower took 2 minutes longer and that what it takes to burn your dinner. lol

Regina is doing very well. There is nothing really to report about her health right now. But tomorrow we have to go to LabCorp to get her labs drawn. And since now she does not have central line anymore, she has to be poked. I guess she will put on a little fight, but she understands how important these labs are. More to report tomorrow. :)

Today is the day I am fasting. NO FOOD Until tomorrow morning. All these meats have screwed up my digestion and I am trying to do little cleansing procedure. ALl I drink today is lemon or lime water- and some green tea to keep me warm. I tend to get chills during fasting periods( I do it usually 3 times a year). It is not really hard thing to do during the daytimel. But when clock hits 6pm , hunger hits me hard,and then I have to find things to do to keep my mind away from food.

I have one prayer request- Stanton who is batteling with Neuroblastoma has little hope surviving. His bonemarrow is packed with neuroblastoma cells and there were no healthy cells left. Please check out their Caringbridge site.

Monday, February 7

Quiz for all of you. Last night Reginas best friend and her mom came over for dinner. i decided to grill ribs. What to you see? Option no 1- That is the way we love our ribs, 2- It was my first time ever burn dinner and third option is My husband was taking shower and forgot all about ribs lol

Saturday, February 5


He. We have been grilling for 2 days now. Beginners exitement. lol Today we made trout, stakes, hot Louisiana links. ANd for lunc I made shirmp scampy.

Regina is doing great. She is very active 5 year old. And has great imagination. Today she was mom, I was baby, dad was her and gabriel was me. SOunds complicated? She was the one who was bossing us all around( sounds very much like me, lol)

On a good note. I am overwhelmed with all the responses I am getting from my neighbors. Some of them come by , some of them call, some of them leave nots to our mailbox. I was not ready for this kind of kindness. It is amazing and I am thankful for all the kind words I have heard past 4 days. :) I usually tell Regina when somebody calls or writes and her first response is DO THEY HAVE KIDS? lol Some of them do , some of them don't and some of the kids are allready grown up. Little bit of everything :)

Friday, February 4

Only in California ;) Yesterday we went to visit some friends in Baldwin park in La county. It was beautiful day :) With beautiful views.

Reginas Smile quilt and more.

Click on a link and see where it takes you :) Quilting angels did amazing job creating this quilt for her. :) It is beautiful :) Hope it makes you smile also :)

Today I interviewed Regina because I am planning to " refresh" her room.
I asked her what color she wants, what things she wants in the room, what kind of decorations etc.

No big surprize on color- Pink, of course, dark pink.
She is not playing with her barbies but princesses, but she wants to have princess room. She loves do dress up as princess and walk around the house with high heel shoes and magic wand. Today I saw in home depot the cutest princess mirror and rocking chair. I did not buy it yet. I give her one more week to decide if she still wants princess room. If she does, then I have to find a job and make money to get her that room( remember, I am trying to save money and my pudget does not include PRINCESS rooms).

I have to get her princess bed spreads, and pillowcases, and girly curtains and rug and- did I mention princess toychest. I better not even think about it. To much pink. I wish princess color was cranberry or burgundy red. lol

OK. We have been living in our house for 3 years. WE DID NOT HAVE GRILL for these 3 years, we did not cook out for 3 years. Why? Because my dear loving husband told me every time we went to HD - NEXT TIME, NEXT TIME, NEXT TIME... Finally next time arrived and we got it. It is gas grill and homefully with no time I will master the art of grilling.

Tomorrow I will go to Target and get patio set( yep, we dont have that one eather, it is " next time" thing again. lol

Thursday, February 3

Thursday (2/3/5)

Today both of my kids are home with me. I decided to keep Gabriel home so he and Regina can play all day long. But so far all they have been doing is arguing/ screaming/ making each other cry/arguing/ hurting each other feelings etc. I don't get it. When they are not together they are the best kids in whole wide world. They listen to me, they eat their food, they wash their hands whenever I tell them to . But today, I AM PULLING my hair out one by one. lol They both fight to get my attention. What is it with them??? How many times I have told them that hurting each other feelings is not good, bringing each other down is even worse. Regina understands everything, but Gabriel( of course he is only 3,5) has no clue what being good boy means. lol

I just wish there was way of teaching them that they don't have to fight to get my attention. They have it 24/7. :)

Regina still has runny nose- clear runny nose. It has been runny for 2 months . Not worse, not better just same .
Her hearing seems pretty good. Even better than in St Jude.
*On Tuesday I have to take her to unilab so they can draw her blood and check how her counts are doing. For me, she seems perfectly fine. Her hemoglobin is probably nice and normal , because she does not act tired, and platelets too are ok( no bruising or bleeding).

I want to teach her to read( she did started showing interest in St Jude), but she shows now no interest of spelling words out or picking up books. She draws, colors, creates cards, clues together little crafts I got her, etc. I wish it included learning to read. :)

Wednesday, February 2

I can not belive what I did. :)

While we were in Memphis I started thinking about all the people I know/communicate with here in CA. Belive me or I hacve no relationships whatever with my neighbors. SOmetimes I do take my neighbors trash out( next door), loan her our trash cans( what a relationship, lol) but nothing else.

About week ago , after we returned home, I wrote 2 page letter to our neighbors( on our street). It was hardest thing for me to do. I HAVE NEVER, EVER, EVER done something like that in my life.
I brfeifly( 2 pages) explaned them who we are and what has happened past 7 months. I printed them out, closed them in to envelopes and sticked them to their mailboxes/ doors/ in personal. I felt weird doing it. Not bad weird, but exited weird. I usually wait when people aproach me. Now it is my turn to aproach them and see where it goes from here

I just want to know more about people I see every day , exchange HI's , smilies or just ignore( lol)

I guess I am more in me then I thought ;)


My Toshiba is up and running again :) Everything that was important to me is still in here ;)
Now I can start finish printing my letters. ( I will write about this later)

Tuesday, February 1


Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

We have tried to reboot it but nothing. When I turn computer on it gives me that error message and it does not read even cd. It keeps turning on and off itself. I am so frustrated now. I was printing out some invitations and next thing I know is that stupid F*(^(*g error. GRRRRRRR

ALL my latest pics are in that computer- EVERYTHING is in there. I was thinking about backing up all the files tonight but I guess not. I am about to cry. PLEASE, PICTURES be there.