Saturday, December 1


Regina is full of energy, and we are stuck here in CHLA. Mommy Diana has one of the worst headaches I have had for a while. vuih....

We saw dr Finlay today. All of us are waiting Reginas Monday night MRI. All I want is cleaner clearer brain..

Dr Finlay also told us that Insurance company still does not want to approve Reginas upcoming procedures ( stem cell transplant IN CASE SHE needs it). He told me that within past 10 years NO insurance company has EVER denied anything he has asked for and he is hopeful that with MEDIA help ( lol,, insurance companies hate those things ) we will get some things moving....

Our Roommate Luciana is out. last night one person from Agency came over and took her home. We fell in love with her. She was such a great kid. BEfore she left i gave her little gift. Just some clothes and Bratz pajamas,( she loves bratz). You should have seen expression on her face... THIS IS FOR ME, YOU DID IT FOR ME. She was dancing around and proudly showing her new clothes to everybody. When nurses told her that she can come home today. She came to me and asked if she can go home with me. I told her that her " mom " will be very sad if something like that happened. Luci told me- NO, my " mom" would be like- PLEASE take Luci with you. PLEASE!!!
Oh, that just broke my heart. .. Get well luci, and I hope you never have to come back to CHLA again .

Now, we get out tomorrow. ( sunday). We will go and BUY biggest christmas tree we can afford . lol And then decorate it and then clean our house and just hang out.
I hope you guys are having great time shopping for christmas, Drinking gingerbread lattes, and gossiping what, who and where.....
All I really want for christmas is more good news, Hope for year 2008, sour kraut, black pudding and lots and lots of Glogg..

What's on your Christmas list ???

I hope her foster family takes good care of her. They seem very nice people :)

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Anonymous said...

Months ago Kathleen Bell spoke of Regina on Steven's page, and I have been praying, but never realized that if I click on Regina's picture voila! Her Page!

Anyway, I am glad you are busting out of the hospital, and I hope your tree hunt goes well.

We scan on Monday, too...we'll send piles of good thoughts & prayers your way. Scan day rots.

Kristin, Genna's mom