Friday, December 14

Thank you :)

December 2005 in estonia with Grandparents...
December 2003

I want to thank you all for your continuous support. Last night I had a nice surprise. We came home for a night , and about 20 minutes later doorbell ringed. One of our good friends stepped by to wish us merry Christmas and they brought us great homemade gifts ( glogg, saffron pastry, and very tasty cake) . That was JUST what I needed.

I also want to thank you all for Christmas cards. I am sorry If I forgot to mail you one, but know, that we are thinking about you all, J

Regina is doing ok right now. She was doing great until we added other chemo drug. ( temodor ). Today she woke up and complained pain on her leg and she looked very bloated. She is also loosing her appetite and energy level is tiny bit down. Anyway, there are lots of sick people out there right now … and I just hope that she does not get anything funky. Lol

NICK is coming home on Sunday JJJJ He was away for a week and oh boy… I need him home . It is way to hard to juggle between hospital and school. Gabriel had to miss Thursday in school because we had to drive to LA. And then on Thursday night we came home because he has to be is school and then we are driving back to CHLA tonight and stay for a while. Anyway,,, gas cards are appreciated…lol And because all of this driving , my back is not what it used to be. Even though I have great chiropractor, my back is not fully responding to his adjustments. I feel great for 3 days and then suddenly I get huge amount of pressure in my neck/head and lower back. Very weird kind of pressure. I never had this before. I always had back issues, but this time around it is worse than ever. I think I need deep tissue massage…

Regina is still into Hannah Montana and high school musical stuff. BUT… I am very bad mom and I am not getting her any Hannah Montana stuff… I leave that to my friends ;) lol I did get her what she really wanted and she has been asking for it forever…. We got her iPod Nano. That nano is tiny. It is almost invisible… But wow, I like its sound quality much better than my old I pods…SSHHH.. Regina does not know that she will be getting it so do not tell her…;)

I hope you guys are having great holiday season.

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