Monday, December 17


Oh, today was long and very disturbing day. oh, Regina is doing great. She tolerated chemo super well. I had to give her couple of sponge baths, because chemo was coming to surface through her skin and I had to wash it off. No vomiting, her energy level is fine.

Tomorrow will be another 10 hour day.

I do not get it. I do not get those moms who physically abuse their kids. And physical abuse is followed by verbal very disturbing abuse.
This family stays to Ronald McDonald house. I am not sure what kind of illness their kid has, but I know they come to neuro/oncology clinic. anyway, their little son was sitting on stroller. Mom started pushing stroller. Boys foot got caught in the middle of the doubble wheels, and boy was screaming. MOM pulled his feet out, SLAPPED across his face with her hand and yelled at him.. I WISH YOU WERE DEAD, why can't this damn cancer kill you sooner... She was angry mexican. Very large mexican with very large family following her everywhere..
Social worker was called and I had to leave after that because Reginas chemo just arrived and we had to start hydration. I just hope that something horrible happens to her and somebody slaps her across her face , when she is helplessly screaming, chained to her wheelchair ( she is to big for stroller). I just hope that I never ever have to see something like that again. It was very very disturbing sight to see, and I was not only one to witness it.


Patty said...

That is so bad. I won't even try to make excuses as to why she was acting the way she was. I wonder what the rest of her family/friends with her thought. I pity the little boy. Perhaps the social worker will put him in a better home.

Glad Regina is holding up and you to. Take care. Hope this is all over soon and she gets home for the holidays and feels pretty good to celebrate with her family.

Kristyn said...

WOW. That poor little boy. I hope they remove him from the home quickly.

Julee said...

I makes me so sad that a mother could say something so hateful to her children. It make you wonder what the "big plan" is and why a child has to deal with cancer and a hateful mother. It doesnt seem fair. I will send good thought out to him.
And always to Regina.