Thursday, December 20

Regina is sick.

Regina is in CHLA now. She was addmitted short while ago. I am not sure for how long she will be in there, but most likely for a while. We will be celebrating our HO, HO, HO time in inpatient, 4th floor, most likely in isolation. I am still at home, since my car has been serviced in MB, laguna niguel.. And they have been ignoring my phonecalls.

Christmas 2005 in Estonia
Regina has been having low grade fever since yesterday, she has herpes outbrakes all over her mouth and lips, she is vomiting and can't keep her food down. She has no energy to do anything. All she wants right now is to lay down and watch TV. She is still drinking- which is excellent. Please hope that her condition does not get worse. My husband is in LA with Regina right now. I am home with my boy Gabe, since he wanted me to see his cute school performance ( BTW, he was yawning the whole time.

Anyway, Plese keep REgina in your thoughts right now. :)


Kathy said...

Hope the fever doesn't last long, hope she feels better soon.

I assume they cultured everything, that urealytica thing or whatever it was better not show up again.

Kathy said...

Also, watch out for C-diff, it runs rampant with suppressed immune systems.

And hopefully she will be in isolation, with all the diseases this time of year.

Steph said...

I'm thinking of Regina!!!

Asher's mom

Patty said...

Bless her and you. It has to be so hard on the family. I keep her in my prayers every night. Good luck.

julee said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Get better quickly Regina!