Monday, December 31

Still in Hospital.

Regina is doing better. Her white count is slowly coming up, but they still do not calculate ANC... :(:(:( We will be moving to fourth floor today ( 429) I think. Not sure, but our " source" told us most likely we will be up today.
THANKS GOD!!! I have not slept for 3 nights. Since PiCU does not have beds next to patient bed, Then I had to sleep in same bed with Regina, BUT those beds are way to small, and Instead of sleeping I spent all my nights watching some stupid infomercials...
Anyway, just hanging in there. But It has been 1o days and i had enough.
Happy New Year to you guys :)

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Kathy said...

Hope you are on the fourth floor now, and that you get to sleep in a real bed.

And maybe somebody will smuggle you a bottle of champagne or something.

When Steven was 15 months old we did Christmas and New Year's in the hospital. My sister Janet brought in takeout Chinese for Christmas and more takeout and champagne for New Year's.

So when we do our New Year's toast later this evening, we'll be toasting for Regina's ANC to come back, that will be your New Year present.