Friday, December 21

Regina and Transplant.

Regina had her transplant today. She was throwing up a lot, but she feels so much better right now. Since we are in isolation, we can not go to playroom, but i got her some crafts to do and she is doing them now. I do not have wireless in our room ( 405 east). I am writing now from waiting room computer. ANyway. REgina is not eating much, but her spirit is coming back and she is finally starting to talk to me. She ignored me for couple of days. We also had 2 special surprise visitors today. ( thank you for coming to see Regina). We will be inpatients for a while.
OK, about reginas counts. I found out today that Reginas counts this morning were 3200 ( anc,) ALL her labs went up, instead of down. Dr Dhall told me that he has no idea why. SO , regina still has some immune system to fight off whatever bugs her.

About transplant- IT was very different from St Jude transplant. Regina got her benadryl, adavan, tylenol.. ANd then 4 bags of stem cells ( IV). In St Jude it was done by DOCTOR, and it was injected directly to REginas line. THis time it was done by nurses and doctor was next to them just writing down all Reginas vital signs. Couple of times she got really shaky, and I got really worried, but after few minutes shaking stopped. Most likely it was due to cold stem cells. :) ANyway, just hope that those cells engage fast and start building stronger immune system for my Miracle:)
Merry Christmas to you all :) thank you for all the well wishes, cards, candy, cakes, wine, toys for kids, glogg, cookies, more cakes and cookies, more candy, and hugs.:) I just hope that next thing you all get me is one good bike so I can bike these extra holiday lbs off. :)lol.

Please send those good appetite vibes to Reginas way. Today she only had one chicken nugget and 6 french fries. She wants to have Ikea meatballs with gravy instead... grrrrr. I wish hospital had IKEA restaurant here instead of McDonalds.


Kathy said...

Nurse "you can't soar with the eagles if you fly with the owls" Ken was the one who gave Steven his stem cells in Memphis.

I had such a hard time with the DMSO smell of the stem cells, Doug and Steven couldn't smell it.

Hope she is feeling better soon.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Lol...For Regina it was doctor( I can't remember his name, but he was one of the meanest looking Doctors in St Jude( with glasses and mustache). Yesterday, it nurse who gave REgina stem cells, it was her first time to do so and I was little I do not like first times doing procedures as big as this.. We got moved to another room, since hospital is pretty much empty. They want to get most of the kids out for, but we are not included...:) Dr Finaly came to see Regina today. Reginas sores are healing, but her appetite is still not present. :(