Friday, December 28

I am so glad I did not have wireless connection for few days.

We had lots of drama here In CHLA. It all started day after Christmas. Regina woke up super pale and was throwing up - A LOT!! Then she started complaining headaches. She had all th signs that something wrong in her brain was going on. So doctors ordered her CT scan. She was send downstairs to do CT scan. When we got back to our room, there were few people waiting for us.
We were told- CT scan picked up something that appears to be bleeding . I started panicking. We saw few doctors. Within that 30 minute frame and all of us told us that not to worry, since we got it so early, Regina is safe. BUT to be even on a safer side we will move you to Pediatric intensive care unit. I was panicking even more.
Reginas platelet count was 34 000 and usually bleeding in brain happens when Platelet count is low. So Regina was given 2 bags of platelets and her platelet count was pumped up to 131 000.

Brain MRI was ordered to figure out how bad that bleeding is. I was patiently waiting. 40 minutes seemed like few hours. After it was done we went back to our PICU room H, and waited.

Doctor came in. I was fearing for the worst - BUT WE WERE TOLD THAT MRI PICKED UP NO BLEEDING!!!! WOHOOOOOOOHOOOOHOOO!!!! What looked like drops of blood on CT scan , was just calcification ( calcium deposits). SInce CT scan is ony black and white, it looked like blood BUT IT WAS NOT!!!!!!

OMG. What a relief. Now, what caused Regina to throw up and have headaches was most likely some yucky virus , not eating for few days, just being stuck in same room for 7 days... etc. Reasons are few.... BUT bleeding in her brain, new brain tumors IS NOT THE CASE. Reginas brain is still stable and hopefully it remains stable for many years to come :):):)

Now- Happy Anniversary to us.... My dh left me a great gift to RMDH - Wireless G plus MIMO usb Network adapter. Hopefully this will help me contact to wireless EVERYWHERE>.... ;)


Patty said...

Oh, I am so happy for you about Regina, when I started reading your post, I was starting to panic myself. Good news though.

Happy annivseersary to you and hubby.

Give Regina a big hug and kiss from Ohio

Susan said...

Oh, what a R-E-L-I-E-F! I'm so excited to read this awesome news.

I must admit, I was getting nervous reading this at the beginning! (He He...)

Happy Anniversary, now you can really CELEBRATE!

Still praying hard,


Jackie said...

Regina's a trooper!! That's wonderful news!! We're contining the positive thoughts and prayers.

Jackie in Chicago