Monday, December 10


Regina is doing awesome :) She is so awesome. She has been on oral etoposide ( chemo) .. horrible tasting liquid chemo drug since friday. She is doing really well. She has not vomited once. Today, while I was listening Cascada ( euro dance ), she was giving us dance show for about 20 minutes. She was sweating after her dance session. lol. All gabriel was doing,was running around in his underwear and shaking his cutie booty.... lol He is funny.. He still thinks that he is going to merry me... lol..

Anyway, on wednesday we have to add Temador.( more oral chemo) , this time she has to take 4 pills, instead of 2. I see little problem here. She can handle couple of chemo pills, but 4 is way to much. But we'll see. She always surprises me with her strength and determination.:)

Today we had to go to chla for hearing testing. NO surprises there. She has high frequency hearing loss. ( severe, that is what I was told, BUT, it is not severe enough to get her hearing aids. it is BORDERLINE... Anyway we just hope that it stays this way and does not get worse.

Regina will go to school tomorrow ( tuesday) and day after that. And then we have to check into RMDH in LA. So if you are i LA area and you are healthy, step by. We are most likely bored out of our minds.... This time we got request sent in for 6 weeks, but we'll see. The moment he counts come back out , we are out of there. ...

Now, You know. I was really worried about Regina missing school a lot. I was really good teachin her at home... I still make sure she reads at least 30 minutes per day... BUT, since I spend so much time in LA area, I really think that Regina will do JUST fine , IF she does not go to school rest of her
OK. I have really fun story for you all. The other day someone asked me- WHERE ARE YOU FROM??? I told them I am from Estonia ( I do not like playing guessing games,,,, I just tell them right away, I think guessing games are stupid). Anyway.. Guess what HIS next question was???? Anyone?????? Oh you people... GUESS already!!!

OK. His question was... WHICH STATE IS THAT? My answer was--- It is nice state next to Finland.... lol ( which is true), but I am sure this is not the answer he wanted to hear...

One of my friends told me... How do I get myself into this kind of situations, and meet people like THAT// Honestly? I do not know. it just happens to me. And I kind of like it.;)

AND LAST, But NOT LEAST-- WE GOT PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE!!! It is beautiful and expensive and it smells wonderful in our house :)

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Patty said...

Good morning, just a quick note, I have to leave in about 15 mins for my visit with my oncologist.

Glad to hear Regina is doing so well. I do keep her in my prayers every night, I hope it is helping, I think it does.

As for the person that asked you where you are from, after he asked what state is that, I would have asked him where he was from. But you would be surprised how many people don't know the names of all the states in US.

As for Regina's schooling, right now I wouldn't even worry about sending her. I would just pick up her homework, let her do it at home and take it back. Sometimes they can even furnish you with things over the computer for her to work on, I would also check that out. I don't think I would want her around a lot of other children right now, with all the colds, flu and sniffles that seem to be going around.

I can just picture how little Gabriel looked dancing around in his underwear. If I don't get back again before Christmas, hope you, Regina, Gabriel and your husband have a wonderful Christmas.