Tuesday, December 18

IV chemo, day 2

Picture taken by Risa.
Regina did really well today . No vomiting, still feeling pretty good. But Reginas cough is getting worse, and she sneezes a lot. To much infact. I never seen her sneeze so much. Maybe she is allergic to chemo ??

One of our special friend Melissa is needing your prayers. Melissa was one of our first roommates in CHLA. She has medulloblastoma ( similar tumor to Regina).
Melissa is not doing very well right now. She found out few weeks ago that WHILE she was on chemo, new tumors started growing in her spine. doctors are running out of options what to do. They want to harvest her stem cells , but since spinal fluids show some cancer cells , they are not sure how successful this harvest will be.

Then one more of our CHLA friend, Grayson - ATRT ( one very agrssive brain tumor) has been fighting hard. Hes counts have been down for 32 days now, and mom and dad are getting very worried about cancer spreading its cells all over his brain. ATRT is very fast growing cancer, and they have every right to be worried sick. I just hope that Graysons counts get back to normal soon, they can have surgery to remove more tumor, send tumor to Belgium, and they can make cancer vaccine to Grayson. :) They have been in CHLA since june also.

Then one more our friend Dylan just took his first steps after recovering from stroke. ( I think he was diagnosed in june also). WOHOO!! He is taking baby steps, but he is back world!!!!

We have not heard from our very special friend Luciana for a long time. I emailed her foster mom while ago, but I have not heard from them. i hope no news are good news.

Please keep your fingers crossed for successful Stem cell transplant. i am already stressed about it. And it shows .. my pants wont button.... and my friends just keep showing up with food...

Regina wishes you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and says thank you for cool cards that you all have been sending us. :)

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Kathy said...

Yes, we're praying for a successful transplant.

The way I see it, you've got a good two weeks before you have any excuses to worry, so just keep the bad germs away for now and we'll pray for a carefree Christmas.