Sunday, December 2

We are home...

Our Roommate Luciana:)


YOU have no IDEA how good it feels to be home. Our Neighborhood looks beautiful. Lot of houses have christmas decorations up and it is nice and quiet here. :) I love being home. Regina was also exited to come home... ALTHOUGH... when Dr Finlay asked- REGINA are you ready to go home. OR if you want you can hang out here little longer..( he was joking of course).. GUESS what Regina told him-- I WANT TO STAY HERE and watch TV. lol She is funny.

We baked some cookies and brownies and we are going to take them to outpatient nurses tomorrow. We have to stay to LA for WHOLE DAY. REgina has IV antibiotics due 11am. THEN we have nothing to do until 4 PM. And 4.30 we have to be check in for MRI. This time it is LONG MRI. BRAIN -40 minutes and spine 40 minutes. So, They are going to sedate her a little because I do not think that she can stay still for such a long time.

Shivers, shivers, shivers... keep your fingers crossed for good results. DR Finlay thinks that Regina is doing awesome. He is not sure what to call Reginas condidion- Miracle or something else, but he is impressed. Lets just hope that miracle continues to happen .... :)


Kathy said...

Thinking of all of you today and praying for good MRI results.

Susan said...

Praying, praying and praying some more for some GOOD news...

Waiting with HOPE,