Saturday, December 15

Fun Saturday.:-)

Regina has 2 more days left to take oral chemo.. Monday, tuesday IV chemo. Wednesday, thursday - rest days--- and Friday stem cell infusion day.

But we had fun saturday. While ago we received party invitation from Dr Loudon and Dr Muhonen to their annual Children's Hospital of Orange county Neurosurgery Patient holiday party. So , around 10,30 we drove from los angeles to Orange county. It was such a fun party. Santa and elves ( dr Loudon was one TALL elf), and food and drinks , and presents and crafts. I LOVED the friendly feeling on that party. It was nice seeing some of the nurses who took care of Regina , and volunteers. I do not know why it is but Orange county volunteers and child life people are so much nicer than CHLA ones, we have couple of CHLA favorites, but nothing compares to CHOC. Dr Loudon and Muhonen were glad to see Regina and were happy that she is doing so great :)
Regina chose for her gift Moonsand, and Gabriel chose Cars Lego set. For me, I got bag full of lotions , soaps and sanitizers:)

We also had a nice surprise waiting for us there. If you remember, while ago, after Regina was diagnosed, we had a fun Princess Tee Party for her. It was perfect party. With all the glamour. We found our very favorite Tee party planner Risa doing Face paintings for CHOC kids. She is amazing with whatever she does. Seriously. She is very talented girl. Regina wanted to have snowflakes across her forehead and she got them :)

I also forgot to mention that LA Ronald McDonald house looks amazing during this time of year. HUGE christmas tree , decorations everywhere, chirstmas music, volunteers and groups coming in to do some arts and crafts... Fun:) Everybody is just so happy and merry.. WHy can't people be like this all year along.

( PS.. I can not add any photos.. wireless here in RMDH is slow and because of that it takes forever to upload pics)


Patty said...

So happy for all of you that things are going so well. Hope you all get a good night rest tonight. Hang in there.

The ParTea Planner said...

It was so awesome seeing you, Regina and Gabe there! Here is a link to my blog post with photos of you guys since you can't upload right now! Hugs, Risa