Friday, November 30


Something has happened to my "roommate post" Oh well....

Anyway, we got some news today. Day 5 and cultures are STILL NEGATIVE!!! WOHOOO. Alcohol lock and cefapine ( sp?) antibiotic seem to be working. Only bad thing is that every night when they alcohol lock her line, Regina smells like she just gobbled down few bottles of hard liquor.. I should smell like that instead...... Last night I tried to score some Vicodin while they were offering to it to our roommate, but I did not fit the

Now, around 6 am doctor came in and told us ---- 5 more day... Then he came back 9 am and told us- I have some good news for you. We try to get you out of here on Sunday. But we have to set up home health care nurse to come to your house and do all procedures needed to do.

So we get out on sunday, come back to CHLA on Monday ( MRI) and then on wednesday we see dr Dhall... Yesterday I had really emotional day. I am getting this pre MRI syndrome again. Somebody was asking how Regina is doing ( well, CHLA psychologist),, and i started crying- I DON"T KNOW HOW SHE IS DOING. I don't know. I want to know but I dont know. I also told him. Physical appearance does not matter to me right now. Yes, she looks good, but what if tumor is stable instead of shrinking and we are almost done with treatments, and what if we stop treatments and tumor starts growing. BAAAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAA... he did gave me some good information, But I can't discuss it here.

So our prayer "bears" send extra shrinking thought to our way.. We need them more than ever :)


Kathy said...

Thinking of all of you.

I hope Regina gets to come home Sunday.

Call me if you want to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

What a day with all the rain on the last day of November. Both the just and unjust got it today... So many cars on their sides and roofs. And yet, there is a faded and tatterd pink ribbon that is faithful to flutter on my antennae. I see it from time to time and it reminds me of who it represents and why. Often times a quick and silent prayer is offered when I see it full of life; pointing the direction of my travels.

For those who scoff in disbelief of miracles, I have a first hand true story. I have a friend who recently had his first born. All was going great right up until the last month of pregnancy. Last minute amnio was confirmed by the "experts" at three different high end neonatal types. Percentages offered were 99% for the accuracy of their bad news. The type of news of "enjoy the first two weeks as it won't go much beyond that." We all don't want to hear that on this blog, espically with our little blessing that is Regina, but bear with me here.

My prayer was really quite simple...I love that about the God I serve and worship. It was just this. "Lord, you always have the last word". That's it. Nothing elaborate complete with the pomp and circumstance of a swinging smoking bronze incense ball on the end of a gold chain. He knows my heart and my thoughts in that prayer. They are derived from the Psalms written by David... Anyhow, Lo and behold, after a literal minute of mom & dad welcoming the little guy to the world, the nurses quickly carted the little guy off. Test and retest confirmed it. The "experts" missed it. One of those "it was there, I swear, and now it's not. I can't explain it."

I'm not saying. I am just saying.

P.S. That one picture of 11/28 reminds me of a better time not so long ago when dad would help his first to "play computer".