Tuesday, November 27


Today in hospital. BOOORRRIINNNGGGG . BOOOOOO Backyardigans and regina refusing to do her "homework".
We are sharing a room with 8 year old girl. Her mom is not here with her. Her mom came once last night for 30 minutes and left. Today her mom came for 5 minutes and left. She cried both times after her mom left. :(

Anyway, infectious disease person came in here and told me he has no idea how she( regina) got it. It is sooo rare that they do not have much information about it. And then he was asking whole bunch of questions about Reginas past... And then he left. I asked it's name, but I forgot . It sounded like something I would name my next daughter with..... hahah

Anyway, we are still inpatients- till end of this week. YAWWWNN. If you have nothing to do come over and entertain REgina...

Oh BTW... Remember, Reginas fund is still up and running.:)

BTW. If you would like to receive Christmas card from Regina, please email us your home of office address.


REginas ChemoAngels --- THANK YOU!!!

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Patty said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while. But I do still remember her and her family in my prayers every night. So sorry to hear of all her problems. Even sorrier for little girl in the room with Regina, I'm hoping her Mother has a job is the reason she's not with her. Poor child, you would think some family member could be there.

I want to compliment you and your husband for always making sure someone is with Regina. I know it's hard on both of you and also Regina's little brother when the family has to be separated like it is, but you all must remember, soon Regina will be well and home to stay.