Saturday, November 24

Phonecall from CHLA...

It is saturday afternoon. We just got a call from CHLA. Reginas second culture ( the one they took in Mission hospital).. started growing bacteria inside. WE have to go to CHLA . We were told to come in right away and start vancomycin , but I told them, SHE has had this line infection for over 2 weeks. She had blood taken from her line, she had platelets put in, she had blood transfusion and NOTHING has made her line infection worse. AND again, bacteria started growing AFTER 4th day, and they do not know ( again) what kind of bacteria it is.
SO instead going to CHLA today , we have to go tomorrow.
My husband is going to take REgina there tomorrow. Most likely she has to stay there for 2 nights. Also, this time around they have to discuss if line has to be pulled because she can not have stem cell transplant when there isbacterial infection in her double lumen..

I just hate drama. I HOPE antibitoitcs will kill whatever is going on in her line and we do not have to pull it.


Joanna said...

You guys are in our prayers Diana.

Angela said...

I am thinking about your guys right now! I had a staph infection between my ear and my brain- and was on vancomycin IV form. it is pretty serious stuff. Hope all goes well for Regina!

praying- thinking- only good thoughts!