Saturday, November 17


Winter 2005 In Estonia

I just received phonekall from CHLA (7.16 AM). If you remember I told you that there is possibility Reginas doubble line might have infection in. After 2 days it was negative, But bacteria started growing after 4th day, and now they think there is something going on in her line, and they want us to go back to CHLA today IF home healtcare nurse can not come to our house... Oh lalalal, I was not ready for this phone call this early. AND I was not ready to hear that something is growing in Reginas line. I have been taking Excellent care of her line, and it did hurt a little that something is in there. :(

So, now I am wating and waiting and waiting and I hope they work something out so we do not have to DRIVE to LA area today.


Kathy said...

Hope all turns out OK with her line, worst comes to worst they'll have to pull it and it will really suck if that happens.

Is Sija there yet?

Patty said...

My prayers are with you, Regina and the rest of the family.